I Have Tmj Headache

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The TMJ is an abbreviation for Temporomandibular Joint, or jaw joint. You will find two TMJ's, one in front of each ear, where the jaw bone meets the temple. If you insert your little finger into your ear and open and shut your mouth, it is possible to feel movement. They are the most used as well as the most complex joints within the body mainly because they work in unison to help you talk, consume food, sing, yell, and swallow. It is said that each time you swallow, you're applying over 25 lbs of pressure on the jaw, which makes it easy to understand why there is discomfort if the joint malfunctions!

TMJ disorder can be described as a condition that is typically characterized by jaw discomfort, clicking or popping noises, issues opening and closing the mouth, along with headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and last (but certainly not least!)... tinnitus.

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is understood to be a tone in 1 ear or both ears, which can include buzzing, whooshing, ringing, or whistling, occurring without an external stimulus. Meaning that the sound the person is hearing comes from inside the person's own head and not from outside sources. It could be the result of a medical situation, including TMJ disorder, an ear infection, loss of hearing, side effects of particular drugs, a blocked auditory tube or canal, or a head trauma.

What is the correlation between TMJ & tinnitus?

In the event the jaw isn't working properly, it can cause many problems, like tinnitus. It's likely that around half of the sufferers who have TMJ disorder also report tinnitus or ringing in their ears as another 1 of their symptoms.

Since the ear and jaw share blood flow and nerves... headaches, fatigue, and tension in the jaw muscles have been discovered to generally be higher in tinnitus patients. TMJ sufferers who may have tight muscles inside the jaw area might be causing the small muscles inside the ear to tighten up, which often can in turn cause tinnitus.

We realize that tinnitus can be incredibly depressing and may also make you feel hopeless at times...but don't stress, there are solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

    How does TMJ headache feel like?
    I think I might have TMJ. I've been having headaches every day for a week now, and they're usually sharp pains at the top of my eyebrows or just my forehead. Every time I move my eyes from side to side, I get these sharp, stabbing pains. I just want to know if anyone who has TMJ is experiencing these types of headaches. Is what I'm experiencing TMJ symptoms.

    • ANSWER:
      TMJ is very painful when you open & close your mouth.It can also cause pain in the ears and cause headaches as well.I do not think you have TMJ at all..

    TMJ headache caused by wisdom teeth?
    I started getting a TMJ headache, which is a headache associated with the jaw, about three weeks ago. It's been horrible, and it's a constant 24/7 pain located on the side (mainly by my ear) of my right face. I can't sleep at night, I can't concentrate, the pain is horrible. This all started when my wisdom tooth started to grow, and I've been to the dentist and my bottom wisdom teeth are coming in almost completely sideways, which is causing me great pain. I'm getting all four of my wisdom teeth removed, and I hope that it will make the pain go away and not make it worse. No pills help, like advil or any type of common household pain relievers. The only thing that's helped is a steroid pill my doctor gave me to reduce inflammation but it was only for three days and the pain returned in five. My face does feel swollen on that side and it hurts when I touch it, personally I feel like I'm going insane because it hurts like crazy. And I just started college this week, so all I can think about is the pain and getting out of class so I can go home and lie down. Do you think it is caused by my wisdom teeth or could it be another reason, and do you think getting my wisdom teeth removed will help? if not what other method could I try, cause I just can't take steroids all my life.

    BTW I didn't have any problems like this before, and I don't grind my teeth or anything, and the pain is just on my right side (only my right wisdom tooth is surfaced, therefor that's why I think it's my wisdom tooth)

    • ANSWER:

    tmj headache? question!?
    would drs be able to see if you have tmj from doing a mri of your head and cervical spine??
    i do have somewhat of an over bite but had braces so it helped a lot id say.
    i get these bad headaches sharp pulsing ones that last only a couple secs then goes away. andthen comes back usually happens when im stressed.
    what are tmj headaches like?
    can they cause gerd?

    anyideas what would help with tmj and also how to help it?

    • ANSWER:
      You can self diagnose TMJ by inserting your pinkies into your ear canals with the soft part forward and opening and closing. If you feel any clicking then you have a TMJ disorder. NO a MRI of the head or cervical spine will not reveal a TMJ problem; all that will do is eliminate the possibility of a medical problem causing your headaches. A transcranial x-ray or tomograms will reveal the position of the condylar head in the fossa and this will indicate a TMJ problem. TMJ headaches can feel like migraines or just plain headaches and are aggravated or increased by stress. The only way to correct a TMJ problem is to be seen by a dentist who knows how to treat TMJ (not all do) but avoid oral surgeons and traditional orthodontists, trust me. If your headaches are due to a TMJ problem, then wearing a specially designed splint will make them go away within a weeks time.

    Looking for pain center for tmj facial and tmj headaches?
    I have worn a splint and have been seeing a TMJ Dentist, and I still have chronic pain with migraines. My facial pain is also severe. Does someone have any suggestions about pain centers. I live in Texas, and I would like to use my health insurance as well. I was not able to use insurance with my dentist who specializes in TMJ. I have calcified ligaments and I do not know if there is any solution to my pain except a pain center that specializes in tmj pain.

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know exactly where you are, but you might try one of the followng:

      1. Baylor Center for Pain Management
      2520 N Central Expy # 400
      Richardson, TX
      Phone: (972) 231-1591

      Baylor also has clinics in Dallas Metroplex, Frisco, and Grapevine.

      website: http://www.baylorhealth.com/medicalspecialties/pain/

      2. Center for Pain Management
      4316 23rd St
      Lubbock, TX
      Phone: (806) 791-3377

      website: http://www.painman1.com/

      3. Medical Centre Pain Management
      800 12th Ave
      Fort Worth, TX
      Phone: (817) 810-0500

      website: http://www.pain-care.org/

      here is a quote from this website: "Our state-of-the-art facilities house an interventional pain management suite, providing complex treatments in a timely manner. Available invasive procedures include: Peripheral nerve blockage (head, neck, trunk, upper and lower extremities)

      Baylor is up to date with state of the art treatments and therapies. If I had to choose, I would probably go with Baylor.

    Headache tmj or sinus infection?
    Headache tmj or sinus infection?
    hi i have been really stressed ot and i was wondering what this could be i have pain/pressure in my cheek bone one side teeth pain very little off and on nose pain temple pain jaw pressure sharp pain in jaw bone are where conect if i turn my head and pressure in this eyes and abouve the eyes got a pain last night when i went out in the cold>
    also blurred vision sometimes and tired
    mainly on my left side
    maybe worse with stress?
    pain does sometimes goes through ear and neck aching
    also oppisite hand keeps going numb.
    100% sure not heart the same day i had 1 chest xray 2 blood test in this heart machine other blood test 2 ekgs all fine except diagnosed with gerd.

    • ANSWER:
      1 sinusitis 2 neuritis

    Headache? TMJ? Something worse?
    Age:20, Female

    This past summer, I started getting headpains which my dentist determined was due to teeth clenching. My jaw would click while chewing, get sore, then stay sore for a day or two. It used to alternate sides, but now I just get tender temples, headaches, neck pain, jaw pain, toothaches, upper eye socket pain, and nasal soreness/fullness on my right side. The jaw pain is actually on both sides, but everything else is on the right side. It hurts more when I press my right temple and right side of my neck. The headache moved from the crown of my head to the right side since Thursday.
    For the last month, the stiffness and temple soreness have been occurring fairly regularly every Friday.

    Could this be associated with my TMJ? I almost want an MRI for peace of mind (or just in case) but I know even with our health insurance it will still be expensive. I got one earlier this year for my knee.

    • ANSWER:
      hi, hope all is going better for you. from your description, sounds exactly like tmj. you should have a mri just to rule out all other possible issues. it sounds like your clenching, probably due to stress, is causing the tmj. that being said, i believe 99.9% of people have tmj but our bodies are compensating so well there is little or no pain. the easiest way to treat the symptoms is 2-3 advil every 4 hours, soft diet and warm packs on the side of the face. most likely you will need a prescription muscle relaxer to ease the clenching. also, you should consider seeing a therapist to discuss your stress. lastly, if the issue continues you may have to have a bite plate to realign your lower jaw so it seats correctly in the base of your skull. if done correctly the splint therapy should take 2-3 months. if i can help in any way please contact me. best regards, martin gorman,dds

    Can shoulder knots cause TMJ?
    I've read that TMJ can cause shoulder pain, but can it be the other way around as well? Can shoulder knots/pain cause TMJ?

    I have a "problem" on the right side of my body. My right shoulder has lumps (Which i guess they are from prolonged computer use and not stretching enough, but I'm working on it), my right jaw has TMJ (it clicks and pops ALOT), and the right side of my head has a tight/dull tension headache.

    I'm trying to root down to the problem.... Is the shoulder causing the TMJ/HEADACHE or is the TMJ causing the shoulder/headache? Which one is more probable?

    • ANSWER:

    What kind of headache/issue is this?
    Hi there, i've been suffereing a 24/7 headache (most painful in morning and night) for a little over a week now.. I've done my part of searching on the enternet what it is, which i shouldnt be doing, since i worry a lot. but i cant seem to narrow my headache pain down. so i thought maybe a DR. or someone would be able to answer this on here. Symptoms:
    -Tight "tension pressure" feeling headache across entire head mostly in back and forehead
    -Tired dry eyes
    -Jaw pain

    i thought maybe a TMJ headache, since i do have a messed up jaw that pops or a sinus headache due to arizonas strange weather.. no naussea or dizzness though. someone help im going crazy!

    • ANSWER:

    Can I take 1000 Mg of acetaminophen and a zanax?
    I have a TMJ headache and pain in my face behind my left eye, feels like its going to pop out of my head. Anyway, when I get them I get really bad anxiety because I get scared about the pain in my head being something worse like a brain tumor and I can't sleep.

    • ANSWER:
      Taking that once in awhile should be ok for the average person, especially if your doctor says so. Do be careful of long term, high doses of acetaminophen, though, since that can be damaging to the liver. Hope you feel better.

    headache tmj or sinus infection?
    hi i have been really stressed ot and i was wondering what this could be i have pain/pressure in my cheek bone one side teeth pain very little off and on nose pain temple pain jaw pressure sharp pain in jaw bone are where conect if i turn my head and pressure in this eyes and abouve the eyes got a pain last night when i went out in the cold>
    also blurred vision sometimes and tired
    mainly on my left side
    maybe worse with stress?
    pain does sometimes goes through ear and neck aching

    • ANSWER:
      Margine and perhaps sinus together. Talk to your MD about appropriate medication.

    TMJ-headaches/jaw pain Will choose best answer!?
    I have not officially been diagnosed with TMJ, but am almost certain I have it. I talked to my dentist (who I trust completely) over the phone and even said it sounded like TMJ. Anyways, my question is this: I can't afford to see a dentist right now. What are some things I can do on my own to help reduce clenching? What are some things I can do about headaches/jaw pain associated with TMJ?
    Is this a major problem that should be handled promptly or is it possible to deal with alone?
    And, are there any ways of curing or lessening the symptoms or is it something I will have to live with forever?

    Any help is much appreciated!! I will choose a best answer!

    • ANSWER:
      TMJ disorders are usually of a chronic nature, meaning they rarely cause an emergency, instead they cause this kind of mild to moderate discomfort that will interfere with your life routine, but not severe enough to make you go to emergency room, TMJ disorders are not easy to treat, but they can be treated by a dentist, some patients report the symptoms to occur at one stage in their life, or to come back and forth. So I doubt that you have to live with this all you life. Once you see a dentist he will be able to get you some relief.
      There are few things you can do on your own without seeing a dentist, if you already have clicking and muscle soreness, switch to a soft diet for the next 2 weeks, stay away from things like steak and bread, and go more for soups, that will put less stress on your joints and will help your muscles relax, applying heat to the area is extremely helpful, the easiest way is a towel with warm water (you can re-microwave that easily to get it hot again), spot major stress sources in your life and try to eliminate them, this is not that easy but you need to find a way to overcome your stress eventually.
      One thing that might help is a prefabricated night guard, you can find it in any pharmacy for around , you simply follow the instructions with the package to use it, a lot of my patients reported that they got some relief when they used it.
      If that doesn't help, the next step certainly would be to see a dentist, he can make you a professional night guard, which is fitted to your teeth specifically, he may prescribe some muscle relaxants to help your jaw muscles relax, and as a last step he may prescribe NSAIDs (non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs) .
      Hope that helped

    Does anyone get really bad headaches from TMJ?
    Does anyone have tmj? I found out about 2 years ago that I had it. I'm 18. It used to bother me really bad and I would get horrible headaches from it and my jaw and throat would hurt. Then it would just go away out of nowhere. I don't wear my mouth guard cuz it just makes it worse. My everyday headaches are back. My jaw isnt hurting and neither is my throat, but these are the tmj headaches ive been having for the past 2 years..is anyone else going through the same thing?
    Does anyone have tmj? I found out about 2 years ago that I had it. I'm 18. It used to bother me really bad and I would get horrible headaches from it and my jaw and throat would hurt. Then it would just go away out of nowhere. I don't wear my mouth guard cuz it just makes it worse. My everyday headaches are back. My jaw isnt hurting and neither is my throat, but these are the tmj headaches ive been having for the past 2 years..is anyone else going through the same thing? My doctor told me to take 600mg of ibuprofen 3 times a day everyday for it, but all that does is kill my stomach and give me horrible acid reflux which I take medicine for.

    • ANSWER:
      Headaches are very common in female TMJ sufferers. Females are more prone to TMJ headaches by a 3:5 margin compare to males. The intensity of pain may range from mild to severe (migraine like). TMJ disorders can be fixed so that you do not need to wear a mouthguard. Many dentists who do not know enough about TMJ simply makes a mouthguard for their TMJ patients to wear and that's it. However, those dentists who really know how to treat TMJ can get you off the splint using functional orthodontic work.

      TMJ headaches are usually due to trigger points in muscles that refer pain to the head. Different muscles refer pain to different areas of the head (frontal, temporal, base of skull, top of head).

    How many CAT scans and doctors until you know you don't have a tumor?
    Alright. In February, they weren't looking for a tumor (this was in the ER), but said my brain was clean.

    In June, the doctor ordered a CAT scan because of my TMJ headaches, and wanted to rule out the possibilty of a brain tumor. It was supposed to be with contrast, but the technician said there was no way he could recieve a clearer picture, even with contrast. My results went to the doctor and was normal.
    I went to a nuerologist, and he did a little exam and made me squeeze his fingers to make sure niether side of my body was weaker. He said I was fine.

    Would it be a waste to get another CAT scan? I want to make sure I'm okay, though I know I'm also obsessed with the possibilty of being sick, and don't want to feed the obsession.

    Would the information I stated be enough to show I'm fine?

    • ANSWER:
      You have had more than enough tests and consultations to be pretty comfortalble that you don't have a tumour.

      Get back into real life

    Help with TMJ and headache please?
    I've had really bad migraines for a long time. I went to a head and ear specialist or something like that i cant exactly remember about two years ago and he told me I had TMJ. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do about this, I've pretty much just dealt with the pain, as ive been in college and busy. But lately the headaches have gotten really bad, stemming from my ears. My jaw is crooked (so he said lol so i guess i should trust him) which is putting pressure on the nerves near my ears or something? Does anyone know of ANYTHING I can do to alieviate some of the pain? I literally have to miss work and classes lately because it gets so bad. I've had days where I can't get out of bed because it hurts to move. Please, anyone that knows anything about TMJ or some way to help relieve the pain, PLEASE HELP. Sorry its so long, and thanks in advance for atleast taking the time to read.
    thanks so much tigerlilly i'll definetly try that!

    • ANSWER:
      You need to see a dentist who'll refer you to a TMJ specialist. You most likely need a mouth guard that you'd wear at night. Since you wake up with the pain, you're probably grinding or clenching your teeth while you sleep. Even during the day, notice how many times you get stressed and start clenching your jaw. That's my bad habit, and once I realized how often I did it, I made a conscience effort to relax my jaw as soon as I start getting tense. Now I don't get the pain as often as I used to. I've always had a bad overbite, but I didn't start getting TMJ pain until I was about 30. So what I'm saying is, since you're still young and already have so much pain, it'll only get worse. Get to the dentist, no matter how busy you are. In the meantime,as soon as you start feeling the pain, take ibuprophen; that helps me alot. You could also use moist heat (microwave a damp towel) and put in on the painful area.

    Im worried i may have TMJ. ?
    hey, i have had braces for 8 months. I use rubber bands to correct my jaw. For the last 3 days my cheek muscles feel weak. I feel as if i cant open my mouth but my brain is telling me i cant open it but i can open it widely. There are my only symtomms. I really dont want TMJ. I have stopped using my rubber bands. Im a major hypochondriac. So i worry about anything. Ive stopped eating which is causing me to get headache. Is it all my imagination. Because im freaking out. Also i had a cut in my gum which is swollen. My cheeks feel like they've been injected with botoxs

    • ANSWER:
      If you're not in excruciating pain on around your ear (I mean it... I've had it before and it felt like my head was splitting apart) , then you probably don't have TMJ... It kinda sounds like you're freaking out... With TMJ, the only thing you can do is take painkillers (I think it was aspirin)
      Also, the outside of my jaw was very swollen and i could barely move my mouth.
      Either way, go to the doctor if you're really worried and they'll probably sort it out :)

    Could this be the cause of all my health problems?
    Last year in April, i had a health check up done at my school, and was diagnosed with minor scoliosis. They said it wasnt too serious & i didnt need to see a doctor, so i decided to leave it. Since then ive been getting all of these health problems like - tmj,headaches, kidney infection, lower/upper back pain, stomach pains and i was wondering if its my spine that has been causing all of this because it all happened within 4 months after the diagnosis ...
    im really confused and worried..
    please help me!!

    • ANSWER:
      Just go to your doctor. You are apparently in a new health phase, plus you are anxious about the scoliosis. It's almost a year later - go to your own doctor and tell everything that bothers you (don't be shy).

    Headaches after getting night guard for TMJ?
    OK, so I may just be having headaches that have nothing to do with this, but I was just wondering, do people who have just gotten night guards (for TMJ) get headaches at first? I've had the night guard about a week and it's been fine, but now I'm getting headaches. Could be unrelated. But I would appreciate your input.

    • ANSWER:
      It could very well be related. Call your dentist and bring your night guard to your appointment. The appliance may need an adjustment. Good luck.

    How can I alleviate the headache caused by TMJ?
    Today I ate some pasta and it was sort of thick. I have TMJ so if I have to eat anything hard to chew, I get a headache. It hurts quite a lot and my entire face sort of hurts as well. It's a dull ache. I'm wondering how to alleviate this headache?

    I don't have painkillers around, but I'll buy some tomorrow.

    Thanks in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      Ice the sore area 20 minutes on 20 minutes off. Don't put the ice directly on the skin cover it with a thin towel.

    tension headaches, tmj, and painful neck muscles?
    I've been suffering tremendously for the past 2 yrs, I even left my job due to this. My doctor told me I was suffering from tension headaches a yr ago, I've been taking some medication ever since. I only take it when I need it. The pain is only on one side along with my eye that also hurts pretty bad. I have come to realize that the headaches are probably being caused by some really really tight neck muscles on the same side of the headache. I can just see how tight they are by looking at my neck and also the popping of the jaw is also on that same side.

    I don't know what to do to relieve this. If I go back to my doctor what might he recommend, I just don't want to pay money to find out that I need some massage, that I can't afford. Do neck exercises help.

    • ANSWER:
      You might need to sleep with a mouth guard or maybe even wear one during the daytime. If you are biting down really hard when you sleep or get stressed out that might be causing your TMJ issues and leading up to your headaches. If you hate your job, try looking for something else... try to eliminate things that cause you stress. I have terribly tight shoulder muscles and if you can afford even a 30 minute massage, tell the massage therapist you need a deep tissue massage for your trapezius and rhomboids. Its an amazing thing but have you ever really tried to sit in a chair and relax your muscles? I catch myself tensing up my shoulders constantly so I have to think about it several times a day and try to just relax and let my arms hang down sometimes, move my head and neck around and switch positions a lot. Never goes completely away but it does help. Some of my friends say tai chi and yoga really work well but I havent tried that! I have had good luck with a chiropractor. Each one is different so if you try one and hate it try a couple more before uyou give up the idea. Good luck. Maybe try limiting caffeine, energy drinks, cigarettes if you smoke, and really getting a good night of sleep works wonders.

    What is the best pediatric headache clinic in the United States?
    I have suffered severe migraines/headaches/TMJ since I was in elementary school, and I am currently 16 where they are just getting worse. I am seeing a neurologist and he said that my only hope is to see a headache specialist since he has done all he can for me (I have been on every type of medicine under the sun, I promise). I don't mind the distance (I am from South Carolina), I just want the best headache specialist that can either diagnose me, treat me, or see if other illnesses I have are related.
    The Miami Children's Hospital has come up a lot, is it worth it or are there better ones in Minnesota (Mayo Clinic) or New York/Boston?
    Medicine I have taken is Maxalt-MLT and the pill version, Topomax and all its cousins, Barbiturates (with Codeine and Tylenol and whatever else), LoPressor and everything related to it, Advil, Tylenol, Aleve, every sinus medicine, Imitrex, all over the counter caffeine pills, glucose tablets, etc
    I have taken so much medicine over the years that I have forgotten all that I have taken (especially those that my doctor gave as mini trials that never worked)

    • ANSWER:
      did you try Metoclopramide ? this is an anti-emetic drug that can be used as a first line treatment in migraine

    canine teeth grow really up high?
    My daughter is 10 years old. Her Orthodontist suggested to extract four premolar teeth to solve 3 problems: give more space for canine teeth to pull down, crowded teeth and upper teeth underbite. But I do the Google search, some says avoid the teeth extraction at any cost. It may cause TMJ, headache etc. Although the Orthodontist said it won't affect her at all. But I'm a firm believer that nature is always the best. God create human with premolar, it must have reasons. So it seems like the only choice left for my daughter is jaw expansion. Can we really use jaw expansion to solve those problems and not to extract the teeth? If so, is there any health risk of doing that? How long usually is the treatment, and how much usually cost? What's the best age to do jaw expansion? I don't want to quickly make a decision and cause lots of pain for my daughter later on. So, please, any suggestion? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      your should just do what the orthodontist says.

      it may not sound like something you want to go ahead with but it's for the best and you will be pleased with the result. if you don't go ahead with treatment your daughter wont thank you when she grows up. i have had work on my teeth, braces and extractions because my teeth were really bad. now they are beautiful and it was well worth it. if they are bad she should get it on the NHS. treatment wont be so long and it's worth the wait. please go ahead.

    has anyone tried this before?

    It's a website for people with TMJ, headaches, and it says it can eliminate pain. I'm only 13 but I really need it because it is very urgent. my mom tried to call but it sounded suspecious......sigh

    I have TMJ pain and I really need this, not over the counter medications

    • ANSWER:
      This website has no ratings..probably new or not registered yet............


    CRPS/RSD help!!! Anyone have it?
    Im almost 18 heading off to college this fall. ive had crps since i was 12. it started in my left elbow and now is full body. dance is my passion in life and now i cant dance anymore. i now have severe tmj, headaches, insomnia, serious neck and back issues, stomach problems (cant keep anything down) and of course the full body crps. I am really smart and was in 5 honor societies in high school. im afraid of next year, how am i going to fight this while in college 4 hrs away from home? ive stayed strong for so long but i feel as though i have nothing left. I have no more strength to fight but i dont want to throw away my future. does anyone have crps? any advice? I just wish to talk to people who understand what im going through...

    • ANSWER:
      Oh Shelby, I'm so sorry that you're dealing with this 'beast' too. I've had CRPS for 12 years - mine started after a knee injury and surgery when I was 14 and like you it's now full-body. Mine also affects my stomach - I have gastroparesis that almost killed me, my cardiovascular system - I have orthostatic hypotension and need medication to stop my blood pressure falling through the floor, and more recently it's started started to spread to my chest as well. I've also got severe dystonia and deformity of both feet due to muscle spasms and contractures.

      What treatments have you had? I've been through everything now - every medication under the sun, nerve blocks, physio, mirror therapy/graded motor imagery, ketamine, I have a spinal cord stimulator, an intrathecal pump, botox and casting for my muscle problems - could go on and on.

      I know how hard it is to be on your own with this. If you have any questions at all, or just want to talk, please feel free to drop me a line. My email is longears13@hotmail.com

      Take care :)

    I think I have tmj and terrible headache! Help?
    I have horrible headaches (sometime with nausea) and sometimes they turn into migraines. I have been diagnosed with sinus infections, ear infections....you name it. I have been on vicodin for a while and that doesn't even seem to help. Any advice out there? I go to the dentist on Tues an am hoping that I can get some relief!

    • ANSWER:
      They sell soft rubber or plastic tooth guards for people with tmj. They really help.

    Has anyone ever had accupuncture for TMJ?
    I have bad daily headaches from TMJ. I would love to try alternative treatments that are non-invasive and do not include surgery. I already have a dental appliance for nightly wear during sleeping. Any other suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      Acupuncture can help in some cases. I would have 5 sessions and see if it helped. I have read cases where hypnosis along with acupuncture helped TMJ.

    Besides an achy jaw, could a headache in the temple region be related to TMJ?
    I went to the dentist and received a night gaurd to wear because I clench my jaw when sleeping. My jaw sometimes still feels tight but not as bad as before. But I have been getting these dull headaches above my eyes (my left more than right) and around my left temple. They aren't horrible, and I can still do my normal activities with them. But I am just wondering if I should consult a doctor, or if they are related to TMJ and just deal with it until they progress. Does anyone else with TMJ syndrome have similar headaches?

    • ANSWER:
      Here's one alterantive to the night guard which I've found to have more permanaent results:


      Good Luck

    TMJ question..headaches?
    I've been having headaches for around 2 years now, and i've never for one second thought it could be to do with my teeth/jaw but apparently it is as my dentist discovered my right jaw clicks when it opens quite wide. But i've heard you will experience difficulty opening your mouth and a lot of jaw/cheekbone pain. All i've ever got was headaches and eye pain. Could it still be TMJ? Also could the TMJ have been caused by having braces as my teeth are really different now and re-aligned.

    • ANSWER:
      Hello...Along with the headaches are you also gritting and grinding your teeth? Given your comments about the headaches and a possible connection to TMJ..you need to know that in many many cases TMJ is connected to Emotional Stress...I'm going to attach my Information Page on Stress and understand that I specialize in dentures and that is why Denture is in the title,,The fact is, stress has nothing to do with if you have dentures or not and it has nothing to do with age. Just read the information with an open mind .
      The Denture Pro.

      BY: F.Spiva Jr. CDT MDT CD

      Revised Copyright: 2010

      While the title above is exactly correct in describing what this information is going to be about, I need to clarify one point and that is this, the basic issues that will be discussed applies to those who wear a dental appliance as well as those who don't, i.e., those that still have all their natural teeth.
      So what exactly is "EDS" ? EDS is an issue that deals with one primary thing, "Emotional Stress". Because my professional specialty was creating dental appliances, dentures in particular, I chose to call my study and the information it produced, Emotional Denture Stress.
      Experiences with patients taught me that there are far to few dental professionals that recognize Emotional Stress when it's in play and even fewer know how to deal with it. Most dental professionals treat EDS as though it were a dental appliance problem. They adjust the appliance, reline the appliance, replace the appliance and yet the problem doesn't go away. The patient still has red rashy gum tissue, constant sore spots, loose dentures and can't stop gritting and grinding their teeth. The problem in the vast majority of cases is not the appliance, it's Emotional Stress. and that can't be fixed by adjusting or even replacing the appliance.
      So where did the EDS come from, what set it in motion? Emotional Stress is generated from issues that arise from one or a combination of the following six areas. Money, Marriage, Employment, Sex, Health and Self Esteem. When emotional stress is triggered a variety of responses occurs. It may be sweating, it may be crying, it may be a rash but you can be sure that teeth clinching along with gritting and grinding will be a part of the reaction. If you happen to be a denture wearer your in for some tough times trying to comfortably wear your denture.
      Now, you need to understand that if you have Emotional Stress, you may be reacting to someone else's issues and not one your personally dealing with. Example: You have a close friend or family member who is suffering from a terminal illness, that's in the Health area and your emotional tie to that person can trigger EDS responses in you. Of course if your a person who is emotionally and verbally abused by a mate or even coworkers, you are subject to "EDS" reactions. In some cases we know that people with poor self esteem display EDS responses because of their lack of personal confidence in themselves or their feelings of just not being good enough to be respected or loved.
      Now, if your a denture wearer and you have EDS occur the first thing you do is to clinch your teeth together. That is followed by gritting and grinding 90% of the time. When you clinch and pressure the denture into the gums the pressure forces the fluids in the gum tissue out of the gums and down into the floor or cheek areas of the mouth. With the fluid displaced the gum tissue has lost what cushion it had and becomes trapped between hard denture plastic on one side and hard gum bone on the other. That will create shrinkage in the tissue causing the denture to become loose fitting, the gum tissue can and will most likely get very sore after a while and in some case get very red and rashy. Persistent clinching along with gritting and grinding over an extended period of time will cause the gum bone to shrink away from the pressure and no matter how many times you adjust the denture, refit the denture or replace the denture, unless you solve the STRESS issue the cycle goes on.
      I describe the cycle like it were a clock on the wall. Let's say that when your stress issue occurs it starts your stress clock at 12:00...Between 12 and 3 you clinch, grit and grind. Between 3 and 6 the gum tissue fluids get displaced. Between 6 and 9 the denture hurts, the gums are sore and the denture is loose. Between 9 and 12 you get the denture adjusted, refitted or replaced...Then your back to 12 on the stress clock...."If"..between 6 and 12 you haven't solved the issue or issues causing the stress, the clock keeps on ticking and all the denture problems are back.
      So how do you solve the issues. You first have to acknowledge they exist and then you have to acknowledge what triggers them. That can be a very difficult two first steps. To admit your abused by someone, or admit you don't like your job or people you work wit

    My jaw keeps popping out of place (but it's not TMJ)?
    My jaw has popped out of place whenever I move my jaw even slightly out of line (like when I'm eating or just moving my jaw around) for the last 3 years. I always heard it and felt it, but I stopped noticing it. I don't have any of the other symptoms of TMJ, like headaches. How can I get this to stop? Now that I've started thinking about it again, it's REALLY getting annoying.

    • ANSWER:

    TMJ questions?! Headaches, jaw pain, etc...?
    Well I have TMJ and my orthodontist says it's because of my deep bite, when I put my front teeth so they're ideal-y placed the popping goes away. I was wondering what some optional treatments are? My jaw will get sore and hurt if I eat certain foods, I also get a lot of headaches, most of them start in my upper neck or back of my head. But my normal doctor says he thinks they're tension headaches? I hope this is enough info, I would like to see some opinions before choosing anything drastic.
    To Shane: Not really, and they didn't go away from being on a (and I'm sure) stress free vacation.

    • ANSWER:

    TMJ and sore scalp??
    Has anyone had a sore scalp caused by TMJ? I've been having possible TMJ problems - headaches, jaw pain, etc..., but I also have a very sore scalp on top (feels like when you pull your hair too tight for too long). I was just wondering if this is normal??

    • ANSWER:
      It depends to what extent the nerve is affected. If its badly affected then yes it can also make the scalp feel sore.

    Do you have Vertigo or TMJ?
    I just want to help out if someone is/was suffering from the same symptom's that took over my life for 1.5 years. I have seen my dentist and I am doing great now! Just one possibility if the vertigo just doesn't seem to add up right:

    I have had every one of these symptoms since day one except loose teeth, limited opening and sensitive teeth. I've caught myself clenching but that one is still up in the air. Too bad nausea isn't on there, that was a huge problem.

    Symptoms of TMJ Disorder:

    Headaches/Migraines (cluster headaches, aka "squigglies")
    Jaw pain
    Neck/shoulder pain
    Jaw clicking and popping
    Limited opening
    Ear congestion
    Vertigo (dizziness)
    Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
    Difficulty swallowing
    Loose teeth
    Clenching/grinding - your teeth should only be in the "closed" position when chewing
    Facial pain - I had "zappers" around my eyes
    Sensitive teeth
    Difficulty chewing
    Postural problems
    Tingling/numbness in fingertips

    The muscles in the my neck and shoulders were so tight that I had to go to physical therapy. I do stretches everyday just to make sure those muscles don't tighten back up. Once my jaw was aligned, everything seemed to just fall into place. I hope this helps. FYI- I had a crown put on my back molar approximately two months before my symptoms hit me.

    • ANSWER:
      I have vertigo (labyrinthitis) I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with it, I also get the tinnitus as it is a inner ear infection which affects your balance. I also have caught myself clenching my teeth and standing differently but I think that i just because I am trying to keep myself standing up straight - hard when the room is spinning all day and night. It's not that same but it seems I have some of your symptoms.

    Is this headache related to TMJ?
    I'm 15, almost 16. I've never really had any major dental or health problems, minus the fact that I found out I have iron deficiency anemia 3 months ago. It was established roughly 3 years ago that I have TMJ, and I have been wearing a splint (on my bottom teeth) for the past 8/9 months. For the past 3 it has felt like the right side of my jaw was 'stuck' and can't open as wide as my left, and I have pain when eating chewy and hard-er foods. My dentist didn't seem to concerned so, being fed up with this, my mom took me to another dentist, he seemed more concerned and said either my bite could be off because my teeth don't match up properly when I bite down, or it could be a joint problem. He has me going to an orthodontist next week and an oral surgeon in a few weeks to investigate both.

    About a week ago, I got this headache in the back of my head, but not like headaches I've gotten before. Typically, the occasional headaches I get when I'm tired, hungry, stress, or just w.e are tension headaches in the base of my skull. This headache is basically coming from one spot, in the middle of the back of my head even with the top of my ear. It's not painful, just annoying, a dull ache. Sometimes when I open my mouth or move my jaw a certain way, i feel like it's almost connected from that spot to my jaw.

    Does this sound like it's related to my TMJ?

    • ANSWER:
      I know exactly how you feel! I get this too - it aches in that spot and also feels a bit tight I guess is a way of describing it, and then it seems to radiate around the sides of my head in a bit of a line. I'm also fed up with my dentist, as I have had TMJ for a while, but only recently got it diagnosed. I know it is connected to the surgical removal of my impacted wisdom teeth a few years ago, but he refuses to admit that and thinks it's because I grind my teeth - which I know for a fact that I do not! So I understand your frustration and yes, I think your headache is related to TMJ - talk to the orthodontist and oral surgeon when you see them just to see what they say.

    pulsating manic headache 1o weeks TMJ?
    Anyone know about tmj? i think my headache might be due to my braces or jawclenching? its nonstop headache 10 weeks how can i be certain thats the cause...i have had tests which were all ok so they wont give me a scan...but 10 weeks is worrying to have a non stop pulsating headache at the front of my head...before it was at the back aswel and jaw ache..will a headache clinic help or neurologist? can a person have a headache for so long and it not be serious?
    charles - theres always one idiot person for every question. i mean its one short life and i know ill invest my time being a loser lmao.

    • ANSWER:
      did you try ibuprofen to minimize swelling? or go to a specialist for TMJ. like a OMFS (oral maxillary facial surgeon) who can give you special treatments and diagnoses regarding TMJ. no one should live in constant pain. if the doctor you are at wont treat you, get a new doctor!!!!!!!!!

    HEALTH QUESTION... Everything hurts. I have a new ache or pain every day... 10 PTS!?
    More or less constant headache, TMJ (jaw pain), sore throat, painful dry coughing, occasional heartburn, I constantly have to pee, always thirsty, back pain, neck pain, difficulty focusing, gassy, and occasional complete exhaustion. I drink a lot of energy drinks and I'm a smoker. I don't exercise much (other than a LOT of walking), but I think I eat pretty well. I'm just concerned that something serious is going on. Please take a few minutes to help me out.
    I'm an 18 year old male, with not much family history of disease (that I know of), and I've never had anything more serious than the flu in my entire life.

    • ANSWER:

    Headaches from TMJ?
    Every now and then I like to chew gum,but when I do I know Im taking the chance of getting really bad headaches hours later,and when I wake up in the morning afterwards my headache is still there and ill go to work and relize i need to be home because my head hurts so bad i get nausish,and I usually will throwup 2-3 hours later and be immobilized all day....ok, I need to stop chewing gum....does anyone else have this problem....what can I do to fix it?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, mouth guard while sleeping helps a lot. I have to avoid gum and tough meat or my jaw starts cracking loudly. And don't eat the unpopped kernels of the popcorn! I take ibuprofen for the headaches. Must take with food or milk.

    Constant Headache And Face Pain And Pressure?
    Okay so for the last 4 years I been having what seems to be chronic sinus pressure/pain.I rarely get the whole congestion part but I do get the fatigue,pressure and pain in the ethmoid sinus area and in my temples,ears,and jaw.Occasionally I get it in the cheeks also.About 2 years ago I cat a ct done and it confirmed chronic ethmoid sinusitis and I have a deviated septum but I recently got a ct and it came back clear so I am a little confused.I think i also get tension headaches and tmj along with the sinus pain.I been taking motrin 800 mg,advil sinus congestion and veramyst nasal spray which have not been doing anything.It lasts from the time I wake up until I go to bed.The only time it feels o.k is when Im in the shower and a few minutes after I get out.Oh and my ear feels congested and has pressure in it also.Should I try antibiotics??

    • ANSWER:
      I have had the same problem but i have had mine 9 weeks now and i have seen 7 doctors who all diagnosed me with something else, but finnaly i was diagnosed with sinusitis. When im in the shower, it helps too. I have been on penacillin for sinusitis for about 5 weeks. And it only help when im taking it, and after i finish my course i am in pain again.

      What helps me is, a few hours before i go to bed, i have boiling water in a glass bowl and i put a teaspoon of vic into it, i sit under a towel or my dressing gown and breath it in. It makes your eyes water but it helps so much! I also do this process just before i go to bed, but instead of breathing it in under a towel, i put it on my bedside table...and i wake up in the morning with my face a little easier (:

      Hope you get better soon! ♥

    Bad anxiety ruining my life?
    Hi will try and keep this short, i have recently put questions on here about headaches/tmj.
    About 6 weeks ago i was taken into hospital with suspected blood clot of the lung, basically it was a false alarm but as i had dye injected for scan i couldn't go by my baby for another day, well back at home i started suffering anxiety attacks thinking they had missed something or i had breast cancer or something this lasted about 1 week, i then started having tension headaches been twice to the doctors this is what they said it was.i feel it mainly in neck and back of head It has started to improve and iv gone on to depo provera since then iv had more headaches and i know this is a side affect.
    Yesterday i felt better but had a sudden pain on my forehead like someone was poking it only lasted a couple of seconds, my cheekbones are sore also so i don't know if its sinuses.
    My anxiety has valso flared up again i always panic and worry in case its something else, but had eyes checked and all healthy got doctors again tomo for anxiety.

    Can anxiety cause all this trouble. How can i relieve it i also have scoliosis so dont know if this is adding to tension. (also have 14 week old baby thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Anxiety can cause you to get various pains. Stress can really mess with your body like that.

      The treatment for anxiety is therapy to learn to overcome it, and in severe cases, medication to help through the really bad anxiety moments.

    Why is it so hard to get a doctor to treat your tmj correctly?
    I've been to five different doctors, none of which have been able to help me when it comes to tmj and my terrible headaches that i've been suffering with for five years. i'm going to a dentist tomorrow and i hope that they can help me. it seems like doctors just want to prescribe you a ton of medication and never really solve the problem.

    • ANSWER:
      because you need to see an orthordontis. they say that you need a splint but tell them no. I have had one and it did nothing. you need a biteblock. It is like a splint except it has a spring in it. you wear it at night time when you sleep only. It is not cheap, but you will never regret it. When the orthordontis says to try the splint tell him or her you dont want to waste money and you know a lot of people that have tried them and they don't work. you don't have to know them I do. But a doctor can not help you with this. there maybe a chance that a denture center maybe able to make one but i don't know for sure mine was made by my orthordontist. worked great the only thing that worked.

    I was in a bad car accident and have a head injury... I need help.?
    I have a permanent head injury, get awful headaches, TMJ, Herniated discs, and a shoulder impingement. The opposing side's doctors do not oppose a lot of these and agree that some are caused by the accident (100% the other person's fault). I went to nonbinding arbitration, they made an offer, and I accepted. The opposing insurance co didn't accept, so it has to go to trial. My attorney filed a "not acting in good faith" motion. I'm confused now. My attorney answered my questions but with my head injury, I get confused and forget. I am embarrassed to ask again. he said this will work in my favor because I could get more money than her 0,000 policy. Can someone tell me why the opposing side declined if their doctor's didn't totally disagree with my injuries? What are my injuries likely worth coming from a jury? I'm scared because I now miss more work than I ever had before due to pain, headaches and confusion. Some days I am really intelligent and other days I have a hard time with things. I would like to get enough money to feel secure about missing work so much. I'm scared this accident can ruin my life and financial security. Can antone tell me what to expect and how long it's likely to take to get some money. Missing work is causing me financial setbacks that now seem to be escalating. I'm really scared and stressed out.

    • ANSWER:
      Listen if it was in fact 100% the other persons fault then you will get your money. The other side is just dragging it out hoping you will settle. Like I said, if the police report shows that it was the other persons fault, and your Drs say all these things are wrong, and the other parties Drs say at least some of it is the other persons fault then you have nothing to worry about. I had to give depositions over the summer for an accident that I worked as a paramedic. A person was suing a road construction company, because he ignored the flaggers and ran into the pilot car on his motorcycle. He was truly hurt badly, but after 4 years of litgation, he got absolutely nothing....because it was in fact his fault. If you are on the level then you should have no problem, I have no idea what kind of settlement you will get.

    After 2.5 years of Braces, retainer seems to be causing TMJ Pain?
    My daughter had braces removed a few months ago. Now complaining of TMJ pain and headaches. I'm going to call the Ortho, but anyone been through this? Is it correctable with some kind of retainer adjustment? She has part of the retainer "installed" in her mouth on the lower level and pops the top retainer in and wears it 24/7. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      i had tmj after braces. im not sure if a retainer could have caused it. but gum caused mine. so if she chews it please discontinue that. please conact your orthodontist.

    How to fix my TMJ Disorder?
    So I went to the dentist to get my cavities filled. After they filled the top cavities they were planning on grinding down my filling, except my jaw locked out and my mouth wouldn't close. They dentist had never had it happen to one of his patients before, but he knew how they were suppose to unlock them. After 3 dentists tried to unlock my jaw and close my mouth, my mom had to drive me out of town to get sedated so a different dentist could unlock my jaw without it hurting me. While on the road, my jaw loosened up and i was able to close my mouth.
    One thing I did not know before this incident, was that it isn't normal for the human jaw to lock out of place when you open your mouth all the way. For as long as I can remember whenever i opened my mouth all the way it shifts out of place and locks out, and then I have to re-shift it and then it would be fine. I never mentioned it to my parents because I thought it was a regular thing.
    I am assuming that it is TMJ disorder.
    Nowadays whenever I open my mouth all the way and it locks out, my jaw is stiff and its harder to close now than it used to be.
    In about a week I am going back to the dentist to finish getting my cavities fixed. I am wondering if I should ask them about anything involving my TMJ.
    It general doesn't hurt during the day if I don't open my mouth all the way. But it does sometimes and if I do lock it out, it will ache for a bit in waves afterward. Is it worth wile to look into something to help with my TMJ disorder.
    On a side note I have also been having head aches and all my life i've dealt with chronic swimmers ear.
    So to wrap it up:
    -Do I have TMJ?
    -Is TMJ causing my headaches?
    -Is TMJ causing my ear infections?
    -Is there anything to help with getting my jaw back into a good place where it doesn't lock?(I have heard a bite plate?
    Thank you for answers. I will also talk to the dentist about it on Thursday when I finish filling my cavities.

    • ANSWER:
      Temporal mandible joint disorder.....

      It's weird how I'm reading this. Because I got it last year.
      Its faked up, talking from experience. Mine was different tho, my join would make a popping noise every time I opened close my mow. Sometimes I couldn't open it more than quarter inch and sometimes I couldn't close it...

      So i know how you feel.
      Yes you have TMJ. I went to several doctors told me no need for surgery. But by the sound of yours you'll need surgery.

      They told me my wisdom teeth coming were causing it. S I got them extracted. It helped a bit but I still have it, when I open my jaw wide it hurts. Dentist told me wasn't my wisdom teeth. Idk but it helped.

      Get x rays, they do it for your joints. It's important, even before you go to dentist again.

      Good luck and keep your jaw closed.

    For chronic pain,can you take pain killers long term?
    I have had chronic jaw and head pain for many years. Ive seen countless chiropractors, acupuncturists, dentists, tmj specialists, headache specialists, had mri, you name it Ive done it. NOTHING is relieving this maddening, crippling pain Im in all day every day. Im only 29 years old.

    The only time I have ever found relief was after dental surgeries(root canal,implant etc) when I was prescribed some form of hydrocodone. I dont know if this is weird but Vicoprofen has worked the best. Even better than Norco and Vicodin. With Vicoprofen I was able to get through my day pain free, and my life was liveable again. I wasnt cancelling work due to severe pain, I was working like Ive never worked before because I was pain free. The quality of the time I spent with my family was improved 1000% because I could actually enjoy it. I was pain free.

    My question is it it viable to use Vicoprofen on a long term basis? If so, based on what I described above would it be hard to get a doctor to agree to prescribe it long term? I know everyone is all up in arms about hydro's "abussive" nature, however at this point in my life I have found its the only thing that allows me to be fully functional in daily life. Thanks in advance for your replies

    • ANSWER:
      It's interesting that this works so much better than Vicodin. Vicodin is hydrocodone with tylenol. Vicoprofen is hydrocodone with ibuprofen. Since the narcotic is the same, clearly what's working for you is the ibuprofen- the anti-inflammatory.
      If I were you, I would try using anti-inflammatories alone. You can talk to your doctor about use of medications to protect the lining of your stomach from the potential damage from the ibuprofen.
      The reason I suggest this route is that being on narcotics long-term is a very scary thing. As with most addictive substances, over time your body gets used to having that chemical in your body. When you try to decrease or stop use of it, you WILL go through withdrawals. In addition, narcotics cause your bowels to move more slowly, often causing constipation. They can make you fell woozy and out of things. You're not supposed to drive or operate machinery when you have narcotics in your system. If you start to build a tolerance, you will require more and more over time, complicating any side effects.

      Narcotics are great for use over the short term, but if there's a way to control your pain over the long term without them, I would highly recommend you do that.

    For chronic pain, can you take hydrocodone long term?
    Hello everyone,

    I have had chronic jaw and head pain for many years. Ive seen countless chiropractors, acupuncturists, dentists, tmj specialists, headache specialists, had mri, you name it Ive done it. NOTHING is relieving this maddening, crippling pain Im in all day every day. Im only 29 years old.

    The only time I have ever found relief was after dental surgeries(root canal,implant etc) when I was prescribed some form of hydrocodone. I dont know if this is weird but Vicoprofen has worked the best. Even better than Norco and Vicodin. With Vicoprofen I was able to get through my day pain free, and my life was liveable again. I wasnt cancelling work due to severe pain, I was working like Ive never worked before because I was pain free. The quality of the time I spent with my family was improved 1000% because I could actually enjoy it. I was pain free.

    My question is it it viable to use Vicoprofen on a long term basis? If so, based on what I described above would it be hard to get a doctor to agree to prescribe it long term? I know everyone is all up in arms about hydro's "abussive" nature, however at this point in my life I have found its the only thing that allows me to be fully functional in daily life. Thanks in advance for your replies

    • ANSWER:
      The only problem I forsee besides addiction is that you would eventually adapt to your prescribed dosage. Then, you would need increasing amounts of Hydrocodone. This could lead to "medicine seeking" contributing to your addiction.

    Does accupuncture work to relieve TMJ pain?
    I have had a splint now for many years, also had orthodontic work without success, and I do not want surgery. I am now considering getting accupuncture to help with my TMJ related pains and headaches. Does anyone know if it works?

    • ANSWER:
      Accupuncture has worked wonderfully for some and not at all for others. The only way to know if it will work for you is to try it.

    Severe pain all the time on the right side of my head, earache, headache, swollen jaw..?
    So a friend of mine was telling me that these are the symptoms of abscessed tooth. That's fine, but there's a problem with that. I've also been told it could be TMJ or tension headaches.

    I DO have an exposed nerve, they had to basically rebuild my tooth about a few years back but the filling actually fell out way back when. The reason I didn't get it fixed immediately is because, A.) It wasn't bothering me to the point where I needed to get it fixed and B.) I usually hate dentists.

    Again, I have severe pain that starts from the side of my jaw, to my ear (feels like I have an ear infection), and right temple. I can noticeably feel a pressure in one of my front teeth, annd when I press down on the tooth where the filling fell out, I can feel some sort of mix between pressure and sensitivity.

    My question is this:
    Should I go to a regular doctor or a dentist (based on what you think this could be)? I can't really make heads or tails of this.

    • ANSWER:

    What is causing my headaches/head pain? TMJ, Bruxism, Clenching?
    I am a 25 year old female. I was diagnosed with TMJ several years ago, my husband says I grind my teeth a lot in the night, and I catch myself clenching my teeth all through the day. For the past 6 weeks, I have had a horrible headache on the left side of my head (temple) that comes and goes throughout the day. It started out really sharp but has become dull and aching over the past few weeks. If I push the muscle right in front of my ear, it is extremely sore on this side and my back teeth also feel sensitive. I had an MRI yesterday but am still awaiting the results until Monday. This is really worrying me so I was wondering if anyone has some insight into this. Also, the past two weeks I have had the muscle underneath my eye jumping occassionally. I am really stressed as a SAHM with a 17 month old, but also worry that this could be something more serious? Thanks for your help/concern.

    • ANSWER:
      I also have TMJ and bruxism (grinding of the teeth at night). I went through this type of pain twice (headache all during the day) and thought that it was from grinding, but found out I needed a root canal both times. I was put on antibiotics because I had an infection, and once I had the root canal I had no more headaches. You should definitely go to the dentist ASAP if you haven't already. I feel for you - my son was around the same age when I had one of my root canals done.

    DOes anyone out there have TMJ???
    I was diagnosed 2 years ago with TMJ. They gave me anti-inflammatory medicine and a muscle relaxer at night . After a month or so my pain left me from my TMJ symptoms(BAD headaches, clicking jaw, ear pain). Now I am getting BAD headaches all the time once again and think i am getting the TMJ again. I have had a CT scan and all that and it found nothing. HOw can I relieve this pain until I go to the doctor tommorrow ? And what kinda symptoms did you have if you have this as well?

    • ANSWER:
      TMJ is not the flu. It doesn't come and go. If you have it, you have it forever. Sometimes, it won't bother you and other times it will flare up terribly -- like arthritis or some other joint disorder. If you have terrible headaches, it's probably the TMJ flaring up again. Obviously, headaches can be signs of other problems, too. If you are unsure, go to the doc. I have had ear-affect pain, headaches, sinus pain on one side. Sometimes I cannot open my mouth enough to eat a sandwich, or put down enough pressure to chew. You may need a bite splint. Even if you just wear it at night, it will realign things at night without medication. Good luck. Mine is terrible right now, so I literally feel your pain.

    I Think I might have TMJ..Can someone help me out?!!?
    I believe I could have "TMJ" "(Temporomandibular Joint). My mother think's I'm just full of it.That's it's all in my mind.

    But I don't think so,cause of some of symptoms of "TMJ" like....

    *Headaches "I have alot of them"
    *Ringing in the ears "at times"
    *Dizziness "I feel like I'ma black out at times"
    **those are the ones I been having alot for the past year...

    Now since 2 days ago when I woke up I'm having now...

    Some Soreness and tightness around my right side on of my Jaw and Throat..and some head headaches and dizziness..

    I can't open my mouth normal..like to brush my teeth and tongue, its hard to, or even eat... I have to have lil bites slowly...I also feel like my uper teeth stick out a lil more,and my lower teeth are pull back a lil .. which doesn't feel good at all when I talk..it's very uncomfortable..its like I can't stand it..

    I been puttin some bengay on around the right side of my jaw and throat,cause my mom said it will losin up the muscles..

    I don't know if it is TMJ..My mom says its not..But if you guys think it is..

    What can I do??? How long does it last??? How can I treat it??? So my jaw can get back to NORMAL, "to where i can eat rite, brush my teeth right??" or will it never go back to normal?? And last "does bengay help it???"

    • ANSWER:
      It could be. I have it and that sounds like the symptoms that I have. Can you get in to see the dentist?? Tell your mom you have a toothach

    Is it TMJ that I have? Or something else?......?
    Hello I have been having this snaping sound on one of my jaw sides when I open my mouth only when I open my mouth fully, like if I eat a sandwich I heard that TMJ gives you headaches and neck starts hurting, but I had not have anything like that.......when it sounds it does not hurt, the jaw I mean........

    • ANSWER:
      You probably do have a TMJ problem. I have suffered the same symptoms for about five years and I only started having discomfort in my jaw about a year ago. Some people who have TMJ never suffer from pain, just popping noises in their jaw. However if it gets worse, or if you have difficulty opening or closing your mouth, then you may need to go see a TMJ specialist for possible surgery.

    I have tmj......?
    I have TMJ i have had it for about 8 months, i have been to about 10 driffent doctor i have had my splint for about 4 months, i am going to have to get braces, but i need to know what kind of symptoms you guys have with you tmj, mine are headaches, dizziness, my jaws hurt all the time! What are your symptoms?

    • ANSWER:
      headaches, dizziness, my jaws hurts. Sounds like mine, do your ears ring as well ? Mine do. But the biggest problem I have is the fact that my jaw no longer works correctly. I can open my mouth only 1/2 in in the front. That is the bottom of the top teeth and to the top of the bottom teeth. I had tons of X-rays, cat scans, and mri's done. No one has been able to find out just why . One maxillofacial surgeon said he could fix the problem with jaw hinge replacement surgery. By using one of my ribs to make new replacement hinges. or I could go with the stainless steel replacements. Either way is about ,000. So I opted to do nothing. So I just live with it . hope that you get to feeling better.

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