Lump On Jaw Line

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Jaw Pain, Ear Aches? you May Have Tmd
TMD stands for the condition Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. Sometimes, you will hear people or doctors refer to TMJ, which is the acronym for the temporomandibular joint, itself. The jaw joint, in front of the ear, is a ball and socket joint where the lower jaw (mandible) connects with the temporal bone of the skull. Between the two bones is a cartilage pad for cushioning. The jaw joint can be out of alignment. This gives what dentists call malocclusion, or a bad bite.

Neuromuscular dentistry

General dentistry, which we are all familiar with, treats teeth and gums, filling cavities, doing crowns, dentures, root canals etc. In recent years, with computers and lasers, dentistry has taken giant strides forward and expanded its conception of how to treat teeth. One of the new dentistry areas is neuromuscular dentistry, which looks at the jaw joint and its related structures muscles, nerves, blood vessels, ligaments, and other soft tissue as well as teeth and gums. A neuromuscular dentist considers the whole face, head, neck and shoulder area when examining or treating dental problems.
Misaligned jaw joint

The causes of TMJ are not fully understood. It can be caused by trauma to the head that knocks the joint out of alignment, moving the cartilage pad or mandible from their correct positions. Sometimes it's slowly caused by chronic tooth grinding, and sometimes by misaligned teeth. Genetic factors can play a part, and some systemic diseases and developmental abnormalities. It is thought that a majority of Americans suffer from TMJ to some degree or other, without knowing it.

When the upper and lower teeth do not meet correctly, the jaw muscles become strained. We open and close the jaw so many times each day, and this continual strain builds up in the muscles and related tissues, creating inflammation and swelling. This in turn can compress the nerves in the area, and the result is pain.

TMJ symptoms

The most common and painful symptom is headaches. They are often thought of as migraines, and the sufferer may visit several doctors in search of relief. A series of pain medications helps temporarily, but does not treat the cause. A physician will not usually look at headaches as having a dental cause.

Each case of TMJ is unique, and there may be any combination of these symptoms:

Jaw pain
Neck and shoulder pain
Ringing in the ears
Popping or clicking sounds in the jaw
Limited jaw movement
Tingling in the arms or fingers
Stiffness and fatigue in the jaw muscles
Chewing discomfort
Unexplained dental pain
Unexplained tooth wear or chipping

It may seem mysterious that a jaw joint problem could cause symptoms in the shoulders or hands or ears. There are several large nerves in the facial areas, with many branches running through the entire head, face, neck, shoulder, and arm areas. One is the trigeminal nerve, the largest nerve in the body. These nerves with their many branches, register sensation in all the areas where they extend. When one part of a nerve branch is compressed, the resulting pain can be felt by other parts of that nerve.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Swollen lump on jaw line, but it enlarges and shrinks within hours on its own. Could it be a tumor?
    I'm worried that it's a tumor, the appointment is made for the Ear Nose and Throat Specialist already, but I'm anxious. Late 20's age. Past surgery as a kid for sinus issues.

    Anyways, can this sub mandibular area grow and shrink within hours if it were a tumor? Can tumors do that even? It's been there for about 5 years.

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like a swollen gland...which is a sign of a possible infection. Tumors don't swell and go away like you described. 5 years is a long time! If you have jaw pain it may be TMJ. Your ENT should be able to diagnose it.

    lump on jaw line could it be a lymph node?
    have a lump on my jaw line, id say its about the size of a pea, it moves a tiny bit but doesn't hurt, i have booked to go to the doctors on wednesday but just wondered if anyone could tell me what it might be?

    • ANSWER:
      It is a salivary gland ( parotid gland) and when this gets inflamed it's called 'Parotitis'... you can get it on one side or both ( Mumps).

      Unless it's inflamed (swollen) there is no need to see a doctor but as you've booked go anyhow, he'll put your mind at rest..

    What could a painful lump in front of ear on jaw line be?
    I have a painful lump on my jaw line right in front of my ear. It has hurt for a couple of weeks. Anyone experience this?

    • ANSWER:
      if youre sick it could be a lymph node. mine always get swollen when i have a cold or the flu!

    lump on jaw line?????
    hey guys, i have what seems like a lump on my right jaw line, like it feels that the right side of my jaw is bigger than my left, idk i might just be being a hypochondriac but idk, it hurts when i move my head to the right nd i have headaches nd some earaches i just wanted to kno wat it cud be

    • ANSWER:
      if you have recently over-inflated your cheeks air may have entered your saliva gland. not to worry, just give it a few days.

      You could have a cist but i get lumps around my face all the time and my gp tells me its my glands.

      give it a few days, if theres still consern go and see your doctor

    Swollen lump near jaw line. What is it?
    I have noticed a lump near my jaw line that showed up a couple of days ago. It is above my jaw bone (on my face, not on my neck) and near where my jaw starts to curve up towards my ear. It is not noticeable when I look at it, but when I touch it, I can feel an obvious enlargement. If I touch the other side of my face in the same place, there is a similar lump (not sure if everyone has this) but it is considerably smaller. I have not experienced any pain with this, have had no trauma to that area and had all 4 wisdom teeth removed 2 years ago. Do you have any idea what this lump is, will it will go away on its own, and do I need to see a doctor? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      This actually happened to me this summer. I was told by the doctor that the most likely cause is a swolen gland on your jaw bone. Both your jawbones are lined with glands and often swell when things are a little out of sync in your mouth. (Even things such as not being able to brush your teeth for a day and having an excess of bacteria).

      He also mentioned that touching it and irritating it will only enlarge the swelling so i would suggest tryign to ignore it unless in starts giving alot of pain.

      Another possibility could be that your sublingual gland (part of your salivary glands) may have the equivalent of a kidney stone called salviry calculi. This is not extremely major but if it continues to annoy you it can only be removed through a small oral surgery.

      My swelling went away after a few days but still continues to return occasionally.

      If you want to have it checked out I would suggest going to an ENT doctor rather than an oral surgeon since insuarance usually does not cover oral surgeons. Also they receive the same training for almost their entire college educationg until the last two years.

    Lump alongside jaw line below my ear... is this a swollen gland?

    Today I have noticed (well, rather, felt) a small, firm lump alonside my jaw line, below and slightly behind my right ear. I was wondering what it was. It's only just come up today. My mum says that it's probably a gland. Is this correct? And why is it swollen?

    I'm wondering if it's anything to do with the fact that a couple of days ago my right upper eyelid started swelling (yes, weird) and now I have a lump on my right upper eyelid, which is quite painful... it's hard to describe... basically the skin is all swollen. It hurts to the touch and it is quite bad.

    So, basically, is this gland (if it is a gland) there because it's fighting the infection that caused my eyelid to swell?


    • ANSWER:
      Probably enlarged lymph node. Could be the fluid from your eye is draining here. If it does not go away within a few days, you should probably see a doctor to find out what the lump is.

    What is the small lump just below my jaw line on the left side of my neck?
    I've had it for about 3 - 4 months and it's only on one side, I know its hard to diagnose over the internet and I will check it out but I was wondering if anyone has any ideas? Oh and it's also quite sore when I touch it. When I bow my head, that's when I can feel it. It is also quite small :)

    • ANSWER:
      Possibly could be a small stone in your salivary gland, or even an enlarged lymph node. As you said have it looked at and find out for sure. Good Luck

    A lump behind in front of ear/under jaw line, and a soar in throat next to it.?
    There is a soar in my a throat and a lump under my jaw line in front of my ear on the left side on my face, it's hurts a bit to swallow and the lump is soar as well, not sure if its just a canker soar, but if it is, what about the lump? if anyone has an detailed answer's of what it is and how to resolve it, would be awesome :)

    • ANSWER:
      Ok this sounds like an inflamed lymph node. This means that there is an infection that your body is currently fighting. There are many different places that lymph nodes can be, and you mentioned one of the most common places.

      As your body fights off the infection, the pain and tenderness should decrease.

      I wish you the best

    I have a lump under my jaw line... it hurts... one side of my gums are swollen? please help?
    I have a lump under my jaw line... it hurts... one side of my gums are swollen?
    what could it be? cancer? and i have another lump on the back of my neck where a hickey used to be. i am very scared.

    • ANSWER:

    Painful Lump Under Jaw Line?
    I have a lump on my neck just below the jawline, to the left of my chin but slightly further back. I have had it for about 5 days now and the lumps seems to be growing very slowly.
    At first it wasn't painful, but the past 2 or 3 days its seems to have gotten very very painful, it hurts when i swallow, hurts when i talk, when i eat and when i turn my head round.

    I do not have a cold or flu or any other symptoms, just the lump

    What could this be?

    Everytime i ring my doctor he has no appointments left, so I am going to the walk-in clinic tommorrow. If they can't do anything, would the hospital do anything?

    • ANSWER:
      Go to your doctor and find out exactly what it is, it could be a virus or something serious - few years ago I had one in same place but it was not sore, 3 month later doctor thought it could be a cyst but made appointment for ENT specialist, who done tests for throat cancer, cameras down my throat showed nothing, scans showed inflamed lymph node and fine needle biopsy showed no cancer, they wanted to operate and remove it but i refused and the done deeper scan which showed under active thyroid gland and after more blood test showed type 2 diabetes, so your lump could be any one of a million things, if it is the lymphatic system it could also be caused by a rotten tooth. See your doctor for exact answer rather than ask our inaccurate opinions?

    Hard, marble sized lump on jaw line?
    It doesn't protrude at all, there's no rash,or anything and it doesn't hurt. No one can tell it's there unless they were to touch it. But I'm really, really worried. I mean lumps aren't exactly a sign of great health. What could it be?

    • ANSWER:
      First off don't panic... Theres a problem where all first and second year med students become hypochondriacs from what they learn, and the internet gave it to the rest of us. It could be a load of things, but is probably something minor like a spur or an abscess (Not minor, and painfull, but may take a bit to know)
      I'd go see a doc. And avoid reading up on it online untill after you them. Trust me, I've been to my doc with fears of skin cancer, testical cancer, brain tumors, pig flu, etc in the past year... Each one being a sure case of it... And I'm healthy as a horse...

    hard lump on jaw line under left ear?
    i was feeling fine except a stomach ache after i eat almost any meal. no i am not pregnant. i had dinner and like half hour later i felt a small ache on my jaw, right under my left ear. its not a lymph node, not in the right spot, its actually on my jaw, not neck. its about the sixe of quarter, has a constant light ache, and is very painful when its touched. it also puts a pressure feeling in my ear when i touch it. i have a cyst on my collar bone and this is completely different. any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      This type of thing happened to me when I got my ears pierced and was allergic to my earrings...i went to the doctor and they treated it and fixed it fairly quick...i suggest to make an appointment to go to the doctor

    Hard painful pea sized lump below jaw line under right ear.?
    Last Tuesday morning I woke up tossing my cookies. I threw up every hour on the hour almost all day. Wednesday I felt sick but the vomiting stopped. Thursday and Friday I felt a lot better but still a bit under the weather. I was in decent enough shape on Friday to go back to work. I went to bed Sunday night feeling great, but when I woke up on Monday morning I noticed a pain in my neck. The lump feels hard (perhaps a bit squishy) and really hurts if I press on it.

    Could this be a swollen lymph node directly related to what ever upset my stomach all last week? I guess my main question is. Should I call the doctor now or wait it out the rest of this week to see if it gets better? It doesn't feel any better today, however I don't think it has gotten any worse.

    I have no fever, sweats, lack of appetite, or any common cold symptoms. I know lymph nodes can become infected (if that's what this is).

    I just don't like to worry but it seems to be in my nature when my body does goofy things.

    • ANSWER:
      99.9% chance it is related to what you have. The fact its painful, and the fact it happened during a virus of somesort means its a lymph node reacting to he virus. Dont sweat it. Sometimes the nodes take a while to get back to thei regular size. And in some cases they dont. I still have a lymph node in my neck from when I had mono many years ago. Doc said its a permemntly swollen node and pefectly normal.

      The lymph nodes to watch for are the ones that grow continously larger, and are generally painless and no assoicated with any sort of virus or infection.

    Question? 75lb mixed pit/pointer dog, I noticed a quarter size lump under lower jaw line, any suggestion?
    lower jaw w/a quarter size lump, noticed this evening, if any one has any suggestion's please notify me of any information, or knowledge of any lumps on his lower jaw. Thank you for any help. Mr. N.

    • ANSWER:

    i have a lump on my jaw line which im guessing is a saliva gland..?
    its really weird the lump comes up quite large and i just press on it and my mouth gushes with saliva..the lump is just under my ear on my jaw line...when i press on it it goes away but comes up everyday..its been like this for about a week ,when it first starting happeningi just thought it was quiet funny,but now im wondering why this is happening any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      You may have an infected mandibular salivary gland, or one that is primarily blocked from some other cause. Either way, you need to see a doctor to have it checked out and taken care of. They may recommend you try clearing it by drinking more, applying heat compresses to the lower jaw, and sucking on hard candy to stimulate saliva production. If that doesn't help, then they may need to have a closer look. Believe it or not, you can develop calcium stones, tiny but painfull, in the salivary glands. Easily enough taken out, fortunately, but of course they will try the easier methods first. Just go see the doctor and let them have a peek.

    What could this lump in my jaw line be?
    Ok, I have read several questions and answers on here, and none of them seem to match my situation, so I am going to do my best to desribe this...

    I have 3 lumps on the left side of my neck just under my jaw bone...try your index finger on your jaw bone under your ear, right where it starts to curve up to your, put all 4 fingers along your jaw bone with your pinky being the closest to your chin. Make sure all your fingers are closed touching each patient with me here...I am trying to be specific. Now, push your tongue in your mouth down and make the muscles/tissue in your neck puff out. Ok, now, right where your pinky is, slide it down just off your jaw line into that tissue...that's where the biggest lump is's hard, and feels very has a little movement, but not a lot. I can feel it when I dont push my tongue down to make it puff out, but not as well. Also, when I push my tongue down and turn my head to the right and look up, I can see the lump. I have had it for 3 days, and it has gotten to be the size of a quarter...I didn't notice before it was painful, but I can't say for sure if it was there before that or not. I am not sick, haven't been sick...but for the last week I have been EXTREMELY tired...I'm talking REALLY REALLY tired...I can usually go on 5-6 hours of sleep and be just fine, but lately I am sleeping 10-12 hours and still dragging my feet...I thought maybe I was getting sick, but no fever, no running nose, no sore throat, no cough, and the only other sick person I have been around is my 2 year old that has an ear infection, which obviously is not contagious...please can someone help me? Btw, I have no insurance, and cant afford to see a doctor right now...let me know if this is something I should be concerned about enough to go into serious debt and pony up and go to the doc, or if I should wait it out and not worry so much...thanks in advance if you made it this far! Oh, almost forgot, the other 2 lumps are small and they are right beside the biggest one...they are about pea size, maybe a little bigger, and I can't tell if they are actually sore too or if they just feel sore because of the biggest one being sore...
    If you say go to a doctor, tell me why you think I worried should I be?

    • ANSWER:
      go to a physician!!!

    What is the lump under my ear and near my jaw line?
    I recently re pierced my ear lobes and my right ear lobe has been infected. I have been cleaning it multiple times a day but the infection hasn't gone away. Today, I noticed a lump below the same ear that has the infection. Could it be the infection spreading?
    There isnt a lump on the left side and my left ear lobe isnt infected.
    Do I need to get it checked out?

    • ANSWER:
      It is sounds like your lymph node in your throat, they will get swollen as a sign that you have an infection that needs attention. Normally if you take care of the one infection the other will go away but sometimes you need actual anti-biotic to get ride of it. My little sister has the same problem, she is allergic to almost every metal besides 14K gold, is she wears a cheaper metal the whole in her ear will turn green, swell and sometimes have a little pus. (You may have an allergy like that too, have you ever worn a ring or bracelet and your skin get a little green or itchy after wearing it a bit?)

      Best advice i can give you is take out the earrings, treat clean your ears and if the bump is still there in a few days go to the doctor.

    weird lump along my jaw line..?
    so for about five years now, there has been a lump the size of a marble in my face along the jaw bone. it isnt attached to anything though; you can feel it move around when you touch it. there is another smaller one on the opposite side of my face that is the same thing. what the heck is it?!

    I refuse to ask my doctors because they are entirely incompetent. My last experience with them I was coughing so violently I was puking and coughing up blood and was very sick, and they simply told me that was normal, drink lemon water, turned me away without any help and the visit was 90 dollars. Therefore, I want other opinions from people who maybe sort of care?


    • ANSWER:
      If you think your doctor sucks get a new one you don't have to keep them. Find someone that you feel good about and check their review history its as simple as googling their name. That lump could be real bad you never know you would need a biopsy to be sure I would think. Go to a doctor and if you feel they are incompetent see another. Its not worth your life.

    lumps in jaw line and under chin?
    i have a large lump under my chin, not painful though
    i have another under my jawline not as big but it hurts when pressed
    aaand i have other on my jawline around where my back molars are.

    they are all under my skin and movable

    my lymph nodes are swollen. my doctor said so, i got some penicillin, thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      I suggest you see a could be cysts, or something more serious.

    hard, marble sized lump inside cheek along jaw line?
    It is along the back of my jaw on the right side, it is not inside my mouth nor on the outside of my skin its like in between i can only feel in if i apply pressure there. I can move it and roll it, and it is pretty painful, but i have increased pain when i apply pressure. I know you are not doctors but what do you think this is? I am pretty worried about it. I dont think i have had anything like it before but if i have i have never noticed.

    • ANSWER:
      Could be an infection, especially since it is painful and you can move the area around. I would call the dentist first thing in the morning.

    Lump found under front jaw line (on left) of my dogs neck.?
    Have seen similar posts but confused and worried. Am off to see vet later on today but am extremely concerned.
    Symptoms - Lump (smaller than golf ball but hard) in front section of my Beagles neck - just under jaw line ont the left hand side. She is eating well, drinking, has plenty of enegery (for a dog who almost died of "heartworm"). There is some discomfort when touching the lump but no squealing etc. Any ideas on what it may be - apart from wait to see what the vet says!!!!
    Well.. update... firstky thanks for the support.... the vet took a sample... it was a diagnosed as a fatty build up - phew...

    • ANSWER:
      Don't even worry about it til you go to the vet - it might not be anything. I had a cat that had the same suspicious lump in the same area as your dog, and it was nothing at all...she lived to be 17. Just because there's a lump doesn't mean it's life threatening - if she is acting well, then there is simply no reason to stress like this with no evidence. Let the vet figure things out first. Good luck!

    Small lump in neck, under jaw line (sore)?
    When pushing my hair back behind my ear last night, I felt a tiny lump under the skin in my neck. It is about 2cms across from my jaw line and sits about 3-4cms under my right ear. It is a tiny bit sore (and of course, more painful when i press it) but mostly uncomfortable. It's about the size of a pea, seems slightly larger today. It doesnt move and is quite solid. I'm used to swollen glands in my neck (had glandular fever/mono last year) but this is no where near the glands that swell when I am sick. I'm not panicking but it is on my mind quite a bit. I have no idea what it could be. Starting to be quite irritating and is visable in a mirror today. Any ideas what it could be? Is this a gland ?

    • ANSWER:
      thats one of your lymph nodes infected, which can mean you body is trying hard to fight off some sort of infection in your body. Its a good sign you body is functioning well. There are many different lymph nodes in the body and different ones may get infected, it wont always be the same ones. If you really dont think thats it then consider a zit...they come in wierd places

    Broken Collar Bone Complication - Lump on Neck, Just Below Jaw Line?
    My three year old nephew broke his collar bone a few weeks back. Approximately two weeks later, a large lump surfaced from just below his ear/jaw line almost to his shoulder.

    Doctors have claimed he has a "serious infection". I am worried that it could be worse, as a result from the broken collar bone.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      Could be an abscess, which would be an infected pocket of puss. This is actually fairly common with broken collar bones and should be monitored closely while your nephew takes antibiotics for the infection. Since I can't see it, it could also be a very very swollen lymph node, which is also normal when the body is fighting off infection. If it isn't hot and extremely tender, then antibiotics and monitoring should be fine.

    lump on inside of jaw line?
    i have a solid lump on the inside of my jawline, its moves around but hurts when i touch it< what could it be?

    • ANSWER:
      If this is below the jaw and slightly inside, you're feeling a swollen gland.

      It could be a lymph which case it is swollen to tell you that you have a sore throat or an infection of the throat, mouth, abscessed tooth, the eustachain tube, or inner ear. If this is the case, you should probably see a doctor soon to have the infection taken care of.

      It could also be a salivary gland. Salivary glands can become swollen too, because of a salivary "stone" that can block the salivary gland duct and prevent saliva from flowing through it. This usually resolves itself without issues.

    Just yesterday, I found a small lump on the right side of my face, just behind the jaw line.?
    I can't turn my head all the way to the left, because the lump pushes against my skin and it hurts. And sometimes when I place my finger over it lightly and can feel a faint pulse.
    Does anyone know what it might be?

    • ANSWER:

    I have a lump in my neck just below my jaw line it seems to be able to move under my finger and it's painful!
    I cannot put my head fully against my chest as i can feel it and it hurts! however i have one on the other side and that one doesn't hurt!
    what are they?

    • ANSWER:
      i dont know but go to a doctor ASAP any kind of growth can be very very bad if left unchecked. PLEASE go to a doctor.

    Lump Behind Ear Around The Jaw Line?
    I noticed a while back that a had a little lump behind my ear, a little bit farther up from the jaw line. I was extremely worried about it, but i forgot about it since i did some research and found out it was common and it was probably a lymph node.
    I went to the doctors because it really wasnt going away, he told me to keep an eye on it and come back if it gets worse but if its starts to get smaller then dont worry about it.
    So i left it for a while and it was getting smaller, a lot smaller. almost to the point where i didnt recognize it. Sometimes it would get bigger, and then id realized it was smaller not long after. But for the most part I usually left it alone and tried not to think about it, and it did pretty well go away.
    But recently i noticed that i have a lump now a little farther down around the jaw line now, and its just as big as the other one was, a little big larger than a pea, maybe the size of a small grape.
    i don't know if this is the same one and just moved without me noticing, or its a new one.

    Im wondering if this has anything to do with my ear piercings, because i did read something about piercings may cause this.
    I do have my ears stretched, and i just recently noticed the other lump after going up a size in my ears. My ears did bleed going up a size because of how big the stretch was, so i went back to my size before stretching. but im wondering if maybe my stretched ears are effecting this, and the fact that my ears were damaged last time stretching made it worse?

    If things dont look better soon, i will be going to the doctors. But im 17 years old and im scared so, i dont want to go get tests done and worry its something worse than what i think it is. Right now im pretty convinced its nothing, but my mind does think.

    If someone could please help me what this is, or maybe someone else is in the same boat, even if you dont know what it is, if you are having the same symptoms id just like to know im not the only one.

    • ANSWER:
      I have lumps in my neck too on each side that I felt when I was like 10 that are still there..They are normal everyone has lums in there body, dont worry..

    lymph node lump/stone on side of jaw line?
    My daughter came to me the other night after brushing her teeth and noticed that she had a lump on the side of her jaw line. I felt it and it moves around, it is hard and is not painful. I told her to go to the doctors and have it checked out. We went and the doctor said it could be a stone from her lymph node and put her on antibiotics. She has been taking the antibiotics for 4 days now and of course it maybe to early to tell but there is no concern is cancer. I heard that if it is hard and not painful then it could possibly be. My concern is if the antibiotics don't take it away would they do a biopsy in the doctors office or would they send you to an oncologist to have it checked out? Concerned Mom.

    • ANSWER:
      The most common cause of swollen or enlarged lymph nodes is when there is some sort of infection in the body. This is why they have given the antibiotics. They will probably need more then 4 days to work fully so wait until the course is complete. If they are still there after this, then go back to see your doctor.

      If the lymph nodes are freely movable, then they are much less likely to be cancerous, as cancerous lymph nodes tend to be fixed. Residual lymph nodes from infections (i.e. a lymph node that remains enlarged after an infection) also tend to be painless, so this is not an indication of cancer.

      Before they consider a biopsy, they would be some blood work and maybe scans. If a biopsy is ultimately required, then this will be done by a specialist.

      I know its hard not to when your children are concerned, but you have to try to keep positive and try not to think of the worst case scenario.

      All the very best

    I have a cyst like lump in my mouth on my lower gums on my jaw line..what is it?
    It doesnt hurt, i have no pain.

    • ANSWER:
      your question is very vague, give more details or go check with your dentist to see whats the cause.

    small lump below the ear, on jaw line... is this a kind of ear infection?

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like a swollen lymph node. The lymphatic system is one of the two circulatory systems in the body and is the way the body gets rid of toxins, cancer cells, etc. It does not have a pump like the like the blood circulatory system, so it relies on the body being exercised. If you are like 80%+ of Americans that eat way too many omega 6 fatty acids, your lymphatic system is probably not function very well and the blocked lymph gland is making the problem worse potentially allowing infections to pop up in other parts of the body, like a sore throat, etc. One herb that is good for causing the lymph system to work better is "Devil's Claw." It also sounds like you need to work on getting your immune system working better as well. Stay away from flu shots, avoid soda pops that lower your internal body pH, stay completely away from SOY products and also Canola (rape weed extract).

    Lump under skin on left side of neck under jaw line?
    It's been about 6 months since I noticed the lump under my jaw on the left side of my neck but I didn't think nothing of it cause it was really small & I thought it was just a mole cause I have a mole on the right side of my neck but over time it has grown little by little & now it's about the size of a marble when I grab it. It's painless & kinda hard but doesn't really move. I have been googling it & I shouldn't have cause now I am scared :-( I see a doctor tomorrow but I just wanted to see if anyone else has had this & it turned out to be nothing serious & was easy to get rid of.

    • ANSWER:
      You absolutely need to go to the doctor! My grandson is 18, when he was 17 he had a physical done for football and the doctor found a lump under his chin/neck area. He sent him to an oncologist to get scheduled for a biopsy. They told him weather it was cancer or not, it needed to be removed because it was growing. They did the biopsy, it was benign (not cancer) it was removed and after a few days he was back in school. Don't fool around with something like this!! Better safe than sorry. Have it looked at immediately. Good Luck.

    i have this pain and lump near my ear on my jaw line i wonder if anyones had this befor?

    • ANSWER:
      i got a lymph node infection could be that ...but its possible for it to be you have an infection near the place that hurts cause ..that would be the cause of the pain ...infected lymph nodes :) search (infection of the lymph nodes) on google and see if what happeining to you fits the discription

    Weird lump thing I can move that's on my jaw line?
    I've had this thing for as long as I can remember... idk what it is. It feels like a big ass blood cell or something lol I can slide it left and right. It's not noticeable and you can only feel it. I have one on the back of my neck too where my hair line ends. I know it sounds weird I was just curious to know what it is. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Does it hurt ? Is it hot or red ? Did it get bigger ? What is the size of it ? No information, no answer lol

    Lump on my jaw?! PLEASE HELP?
    I found this lump on my jaw line (just under my molar teeth but can't feel it with hand in mouth)
    I'm 15. I found the lump about 6 months ago and asked my mum but she was like 'it's probably just a cyst, don't worry' so i dismissed it. Now i've suddenly started worrying about it! i think it's grown a tiny bit. It doesn't hurt and moves around. It's not below the jawline so it's not a lymph node. There's no disfugurement on my face or anythin. My mum won't take me to the doctor cos she thinks im worrying too much. so... please, any suggestions for what it could be??

    • ANSWER:
      If it is worrying you then it needs to be seen by a Dr or Dentist to get a proper examination and opinion.
      Tell her that you are genuinely worried and need to get it sorted, explain to her that any lump that is in place that long should be looked at and that you cannot rely on her diagnose.

      Is there not another adult relative, older sister, grandparent or father that can take you?

    I have a hard, painless lump on my jaw?
    I woke up this morning with a hard, kind of large lump on my left jaw line and it does not hurt..can anyone tell me what this could be? naturally, I have been fearing the worst and have managed to convince myself it is a tumor, but tumors cant grow that quickly, right?

    if anyone has any insight that would be VERY helpful! thanks

    • ANSWER:
      hmm thats odd but hey who knows maybe you got bit by something or its been there a while and youve just now noticed it. if i was you i would wait it out. if theres no pain than that is probably a good sign. it could be anyting but i highy doubt a tumor could grow overnight. and if it doesnt get better than i would go to your doctor.. best of luck man!!!!

    What is this lump under my jaw?
    A few months ago, I had bad toothache (one of my molars). A swollen lump appeared just under that tooth, on my jaw line. When my tooth was extracted, I thought the lump will go away, but it didn't. It's not swollen anymore but it's still there but smaller and painless.

    • ANSWER:
      Might be cancer. You should go to a doctor.

    A marble size lump roughly 1/2-1" beyond jaw line under chin. Very sensitive to touch on ext.. Int. undetected?
    muscle in neck on same side felt very stiff n sore but now subsided, all this has occured in a little more than 24 hrs. Lump was noticeably smaller when started yesterday morning. Any idea on what this may be? Lump is under the skin, feels like its in a tendon/muscle. Very sensitive to touch.

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like a boil, but I would see a dermatologist.

      Also some dentist have a way of ruling out oral cancer. It is quick and painless. I am having it done in a few weeks just in routine dental care. You could try this if you are worried and can't get in to see the dermatologist.

      Your family doctor could also help.

      If you don't have a family doctor, try an after hour clinic. They are less expensive than going to the Emergency Room.

      Good luck. I hope you feel better soon.

    Weird lump around my jaw?
    About a week ago ive noticed this weird lump thingy around my jaw. If you put your finger on your chin and move it right up your jaw line there is this lump i have there. I can move it left and right and its kinda hard It doesnt really hurt if i move it. I read online it could be swollen saliva gland or even cancer. Can someone please tell me about this or if youve had this.

    • ANSWER:
      it could be thyroid cancer or a swollen lymph node from sickness.. if you are not sick and if you do not have any infections, I really do advise you to go to the doctor. IMMEDIATELY! :o

    What could this lump be? It's located right below my ear, along the jaw line?
    I discovered this lump, right below my right ear along my jaw line, about a year ago. I didn't really think much of it though, because it wasn't painful or anything like that. However, it's beginning to worry my a bit now because it's been so long since it's been there, and it won't go away. I am able to move it around, but it hurts a little when I do. Sometimes it's painful to press down on, and other times it isn't. To the naked eye, it isn't very noticeable unless you are just looking for it, and then there is a slight bump. I have also discovered that when I apply heat to it (heating pad or hot water) for a few minutes, it seems to decrease the size (which is normally like the size of a lima bean) but it's only temporary.

    What on earth could it be? Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      It could be a cyst. That's my explanation. I got surgery for it. It's not bad.. they just want to get rid of it. I don't recall it ever hurting.. but that was a few years ago, so I don't really remember.. Sorry :/

      But basically, a cyst is like a ball of fat, I think? It's a ball a something under your skin that doesn't really harm you.. But I don't know if what you have is cancerous if it isn't a cyst.

    i have a lump on the bottom of the right jaw line is hurts a little but is it serious?
    do i need to go get it checked out by a doctor

    • ANSWER:
      do you mean like under your jaw? like under your skin? or in your mouth?
      if you mean under your skin around your jawline/neck it could be a swollen lymphnode ive had them before.. not serious but kinda sore and irritated when you eat/drink/swallow

    what is this on/in my jaw line ?? please help im worried.?
    i have this lump right on my jaw line it feels as hard as a stone, you cant see it if you look at me so its not noticable but when i press it, it moves around a little bit ?? its been there since i woke up. could anyone tell me what this is please?

    • ANSWER:
      Ok it could be a stone.
      If it is in the oral tissue and a gland is there the same calcium that gathers on our teeth as plaque and the dental hygenist scales off is carried in the saliva and can form a stone.
      This is called calculus (stone) and it can gather and become a stone in the salivary gland in a condition called sialithiasis.
      Sial = salivary
      lith = stone
      iasis = condition of

      It is the same as a gallbladder stone but in the salivary gland.

      If it is in surface tissue it is possible it is a lipoma - a gathering of fat.

      In case some of you are wondering about the word calculus when it refers to the branch of mathematics it is named calculus after the stones that were used to place hold and count and do calculations. Calculations - there we go again.
      Language is amazing.

    I have a small lump under my jaw bone, is this a lymp node?
    i can only feel it when i move my head a certain way. Its right under my ear on my jaw line.Dont they only swell up if you have something wrong with you? it doesnt hurt or anything. it just worries me. its smaller than a pea. What is it?

    • ANSWER:
      lymph nodes run below your ears, sort of behind and down your neck. They are also in your arm pits and groin. If it is swollen, and pain-full, you may have a slight infection. the lymph nodes job is to scrub the blood of bacteria and goes into action when you have an infection. It doesn't have to be a big infection either. Its just doing its job. Some peoples nodes are always a bit pronounced. When my son was little, he was said to have 'shotty nodes', meaning they all felt like round little pebbles of buck shot. Take care of yourself, make sure you are getting plenty of rest, fluids, take your vitamins, etc and don't worry. If that little node gets bigger or more pain-full, have it checked out, by all means.

    large lump under my jaw, what is it?
    Hello, i am 18 years old, and i have had a large lump under my jaw/jaw line, on the left side, and have had it for 3 months now, it is had like bone and does not hurt, and does not move. Lately it has turned reddish/purplish as if it was bruised. i have not hit it or anything. I have an appointment with my doctor, and even had x rays done....and seriously im freaking out cuz ive read about cancer with this kind of thing.... please help me! wat culd it be!!?
    p.s. I had my wisdom teeth extracted 5 months ago, my cheeks swelled normally and went back to normal.... could that have anything to do with it?

    • ANSWER:
      It can possibly be a keloid. Stop freaking out, you are going to the doctor, so just see what he/she says.

    Im 14 and i found a lump on the left side of my face right on my jaw line but not below it what could it be?
    is it cancer

    • ANSWER:

    red spots in mouth & a lump on jaw?
    About a week ago, I noticed a hard pea-sized lump on my right lower jaw line. I thought at first that it was a pimple, however, I have tried to pop it and I can tell it is not a zit. It doesn't hurt, and I can freely move it around. Yesterday morning, I woke up with a white bumpy patch on the right side of the roof of my mouth, which was initially compeltely painless. As the day went on, they became red and look like flat patches on top of my mouth. ANY ideas at all what this could be?

    • ANSWER:
      You may have thrush inside your mouth, which is probably unrelated to the thing on your jaw. At any rate, I would see a doctor for both.

    I have a benign lump along the border line of my jaw. Removed without scarring?
    I've had a benign lump along the border line of my jaw since I was born. It is the size of a nickel in diameter. It is annoying, but no one can see it. I had it checked out by a specialist and he said that it would leave a scar. I ran into a friend of mine who had a similar lump on her face and she ended up with no scar. Is it possible to remove a cyst coming from an angle from the neck two inches away where a scar wouldn't be as visible? Or, must cysts be removed from right on top of the area?

    • ANSWER:
      a lot of surgery's are being done with orthoscopy. i had very little scars which i can not even find now. ointment now that help even more to heal them. and they may even be able to be done from the inside. talk with your doctor and just take care. good luck!

    lump on jaw?getting bigger?
    I have noticed a lump on my jaw, on my jaw line going down under my chin towards my neck. I noticed it about 4 days ago and it has gotten bigger. at first it was only only the size of a pea on my jaw line but now it has gotten longer. it doesn't hurt but the skin is slightly red where the lump is. I appreciate all your help. And thank you for your time
    any ideas on what it could be?

    • ANSWER:
      My opinion is acute lymphadenitis of submandibular nodes. Ever had test for mono ?

    SYMPTOMS: Only on right side: lump at base of neck, neck pain all the way up to jaw line, ear ache, headache?
    I have a little ball at the base of my neck, hurts when pressed, I get pain from the base all the way up to under my jaw line (still following the lymph node) then accompanied with ear pain and a headache all on the right side. I don't have health insurance so I'm trying to get some idea of some possibilities before I try to go into the doctor and they try to test me for everything under the sun. Poor college student here. I have also recently today, developed a sore throat.

    • ANSWER:
      go to the doctor it could be a sis or something bad i don't want to freak you out but you dont want to fool around with that if ti a bump it hurt when you tuch it giveing all of these thing it something that need to come out

    Hard lump under jawline?
    I have a hard lump under jaw line...well it feels like it's attached to my jawbone it's sore to touch an if I move my head certain's about an inch long I noticed it 3 days ago and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. It's on the right side and I can't move it at all I'm worried if anyone can give me some input I would greatly appreciate it
    It does not " roll under my hand" like I said I can't move it and I haven't been sick recently

    • ANSWER:
      Could be an abcessed tooth. Best to see a dentist.

    Lump under jaw and throat closing up.?
    Okay well I have had a lump about the size of a marble under my jaw line on the right side. I can move it along my jaw line but it doesn't hurt. I've had it for a while now, about a month. Well that's when I discovered it at least. Also lately my throat has felt a little closed up, and I am not sick nor have I been since I discovered it or before it.

    What could it be?

    • ANSWER:
      Not a doctor, but if your throat is closing up, its probably best if you went to the hospital. This sounds serious

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