Lump Under Jawline

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Jawline Acne Cause - The Causes of Jawline Acne and Remedies
There are no fixed jawline acne causes which normally affect persons in their adulthood and not in the adolescent years of their life. This problem comes as a surprise to most people who thought that their problems of pimples and acne are over with their teenage days and that they could now forget about skin problems.

Jawline acne appears on the jaw line, cheeks, chest, back and buttocks of the person, mostly in women who are past their teens. Unlike the acne in the teenagers, this is a painful problem and has many factors contributing to it. Jawline acne is also deeply embedded in the tissue and not like the acne that bothered the teenager and was only on the surface of the skin. This is a deep lying one and leaves scars that are much deeper too. This is referred to as cystic acne and if not treated immediately can leave terrible deep lying scars which will take a lot of invasive methods to get rid of.

Jawline acne cause in adults and especially in women is because of hormonal problems and hormonal inactivity. This could be brought on by consuming too much of dairy products which contain a lot of hormones. If the jaw line acne cause is diagnosed because of hormonal inactivity, then taking a course of pills for birth control would help it. On the other hand if dairy products are the culprit it is better to avoid them for a while and see if the acne subsides.

Sometimes certain cosmetics can bring this on, so it is better to check them out and see what the reason could be. Jaw line acne cause is sometimes a moisturizer that is too rich and greasy and clogs the pores on the face. Hair sprays and other hair products that are used too close to the face are another cause of Jaw line acne as they clog the pores and cause acne eruptions. Using oil on the hair and especially when it falls over the face for some women is another cause of clogged pores which bring on jawline acne. The base and pancake make up which are sometimes used by women should be avoided if there is a tendency for acne. It is best to avoid using stuff on the face which can bring on the problem of jawline acne and more so when one is prone to it.

Unlike other forms of acne the jaw line acne is not easy to treat and needs more aggressive treatment. The doctor may prescribe antibiotics along with external ointments and medications for this problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Lump under my left jawline, is it a swollen lymph node?
    Hi, it actually started when i yawned a week ago, then i kinda felt that i had a sore throat but it wasn't that painful then 2-3 days ago it became worse and then i felt that little lump under my left jawline. It feels weird when i swallow and i don't have any colds but i think i had/have a mild fever. any suggestions on what it may be?

    • ANSWER:

    Chickenpox and Lump under jawline near the ear?... :) please help!!!?
    Im a 17 yr old girl. I am having chickenpox, which hasnt even started to get better, it is my 4th day... and now I noticed a medium to small sized lump on my jawline, its about an inch under my ear and under my jawline... Is it a swollen salivary gland? Can it heal without treatment? Do i need to cool my body down, Is it because of the chicken pox? I have had my Mumps jap ages ago... could it be, can some one PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME IM SOOOO FREAKING OUT HERE!!!

    Can some one shed some light on what it may be and will it go away if the chicken pox does? :)

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 :) :) :)

    • ANSWER:

    Hard lump under jawline?
    I have a hard lump under jaw line...well it feels like it's attached to my jawbone it's sore to touch an if I move my head certain's about an inch long I noticed it 3 days ago and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. It's on the right side and I can't move it at all I'm worried if anyone can give me some input I would greatly appreciate it
    It does not " roll under my hand" like I said I can't move it and I haven't been sick recently

    • ANSWER:
      Could be an abcessed tooth. Best to see a dentist.

    Lump under my jawline (dull pain when proded at)?
    ok i was just touching my neck today and i felt this kinda lump thing under my jawline on my left side.
    I was kinda poking it a lot and now it feels like a little irritated and sore, but does anyone have any idea of what it is?
    its really scaring a 15 year old female,
    no one in my family has ever had cancer or anything....
    can anyone help??
    i have no loss of appetite
    no sore throat
    no fever...
    my nose is running a bit but i think its mild allergies cause its spring...
    i feel totally fine....other than the sick feeling in my stomache that i have like cancer or something :S

    • ANSWER:
      I wouldn't worry about cancer. It sounds like an enlarged lymph gland. Possibly, you have been in contact with someone who has an infection of some sort, maybe a mild virus. Since you haven't displayed any symptoms of illness, I would think that the gland will probably shrink soon. If you develop a sore throat and a fever, go to your doctor. You are probably fighting off any infectious virus that you have come into contact with and that is why your lymph gland is enlarged.

    My blk lab has a lump under her ear, along the jawline--it seems to come and go. What is it?
    Please don't just say take her to the vet, because she is a complete psycho, and that is something that I, and her vet! want to avoid.
    It seems like it might be a swollen gland--its NOT in her ear or on the ear flap. Its about 1 inch by inch and seems to change size over the course of a couple days. No bad smells, no apparent pain. Ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      Lymph node
      Is it just on one side or bilateral? If it is just one side and you have no solid reason for it, she needs to see a vet. If it is firm like a lymphoma she needs to see a vet. Bilateral would be more like an infection. Even if it is just one side it could be a tooth or ear infection, etc, but it is more dangerous just on one side than bilaterally.
      I have one chihuahua with huge lymph nodes bilaterally. I worry about them a lot more than the vet does. Some dogs have larger ones than others, but they should be equal on each side.

    38 yrs old-lump under right jawline--does not hurt-could this be a swollen gland?

    • ANSWER:
      i have the same problem but i can only feel it certain days. but if i touch it the wrong way it hurts. thats what i think it is. just a swollen gland

    I have a lump under my right ear on my jawline can it be cancer?

    Im just concerned because it's been there for a while thank you for everyones help though

    • ANSWER:
      If it is not a swollen lymph node, then a sebacious gland, or a cyst. See a doctor.

    i have a grape sized lump under my right jawline and im freaked out!?
    well i actually hve had the lump for like 5 yrs. & it has hurt sumtimes b4 too. but on sat at night after i ate, my whole inside right cheek got a sore blister and to this day it hasnt gttn bttr. my whole inside cheek hurts. & i kno i hve a blister inside. but after i got this blister the lump started 2 hurt. it has been the same size for as long as i had it. it doesnt hurt (the lump). it kinda aches when i turn my head & stuff. its really mobile too, so i can move it around. i can feel the bump when i look @ the ground. im scared and this isnt the 1st time but im scared. & im wondering if this is the effect of the blister, please provide advice. im scared

    • ANSWER:
      go to a doctor! My mom had that and it turned out to be jaw cancer, and she had her jaw cut out. Im not kidding, this thing could be serious!

    What's best for a severe toothache with a lump on my jawline? I think it's infected.?
    Where in Sydney, Australia can you buy oil of clove? I hear that's really good for chronic, throbbing toothache. I also have a hardened lump on my jawline under the sore tooth.

    • ANSWER:
      I've heard that clove oil really helps toothaches, but I don't know Sydney. Try swishing your mouth with hot salt water- that helps the pain and kills bacteria. But you should really get to a dentist if you can.

    My dog has a marble sized lump on his neck, it located under his jawline on the left side. any ideas?
    He is half shih tzu and lhasa apso, about six months old. He is acting normally and eating well. I have only heard him bark maybe 4 or 5 times, he grunts and growls most of the time, could this lump possibly be the cause?
    I just noticed the lump last night.

    • ANSWER:
      I'd get in to see the vet. It's probably nothing, but you might want to get your pup checked out ASAP.

    Why is there a lump on my neck near the jawline?
    I just got a cold, like a sore throat, not really a runny or stuff nose and i had a fever last night that i no longer have. I have a little lump on my neck near the jawline under my ear on the left side, it hurts when i sneeze and when i touch it. Could this just be because of the cold?

    • ANSWER:
      suelleh I think has given you good advice.

    PLEASE HELP!!! I have a moveable lump under the skin on my right jawline?
    i have found a small lump on the right hand side of my jaw line. It is under the skin so it cannot be seen and it came on very suddenly. It is not fixed to anything and I can move it about a little. It does hurt when I do this, but it doesn't seem to be getting any bigger but it also is not going away.

    It is only on my right hand side and is quite hard (i cannot squeeze it). I don't have a cold or anything of the sort, although I have been stressed a little over some issues,exams etc., could this have triggered it and does anyone know what is it?
    Should I be worried?
    Some one gave me a cancer warning that really freaked me out though it seemed drastic
    Any advise before I go to a doc would be great!!

    • ANSWER:
      If it can be moved about then its usually a sebatious cyst. Absolutely nothing to worry about, just go get it double checked when you get a chance. I have loads and they tend to leave them alone unless they get infected or you want them removed due to cosmetic reasons

    movable lump on right side of jawline under the skin.?
    i have found a small lump on the right hand side of my jaw line. It is under the skin so it cannot be seen and it came on very suddenly. It is not fixed to anything and I can move it about a little. It does hurt when I do this, but it doesn't seem to be getting any bigger but it also is not going away.

    It is only on my right hand side and is quite hard (i cannot squeeze it). I dont' have a cold or anything of the sort, although I have been stressed a little over some issues, could this have triggered it and does anyone know what is it?
    Should I be worried?
    Any advise before I go to a doc would be great

    • ANSWER:
      Hey! I have the exact same thing! But I was born with it, it is on the left side, and it doesn't hurt to move it. It is some sort of gland. I recommend going to the doctor if it has randomly popped up.

    I have a lump under my chin next to my jawline. It hurts and my neck is sore. What could be the problem?
    it's been going on for almost a week now and I don't know what to do. It's painful to turn my head in the direction of the bump and to lean my head back on that side. I do not have a sore throat.

    Above the lump is an old root canal that is broken and open. Could the infection have spread? I keep trying to get my parents to take me to the dentist to see what it wrong, but they've been putting it off. I'm tired of dealing with this pain.

    • ANSWER:
      my saliva gland use to block and swell al the time... specialy after waking up..... take somethign sour like a lemon and suck on it... or a teaspoon of lemon juice... see if the saliva gland unblock my doctor told me to do it and it works awesome... it makes you drool and almost instantly the saliva gland will shrink

    What does it mean if there is an area under my jawline that is sore/hurts but only if I press on it?
    Just under the right side of my jawline, if I push in on the skin it is sore and the harder I push the sorer it becomes. It's not really painful and I can't feel it unless I push on it. There is no lump or visible sign of the area being any different from the rest of my neck.

    Is it my lymph node? Wisdom teeth? Possibly cancer?

    • ANSWER:
      I would bet that it is a sinus infection.If was your wisdom teeth your teeth would hurt not just your Jaw.

    I have a weird lump under my skin?
    i have a weird, firm lump on my jawline. its not underneath my jawbone, but like right on the side of it. and its under the skin, you cant see it, and when i touch it it feels firm. are there glands that could be swollen there? it is NOT UNDERNEATH my jaw. its like along the bone. i'm scared that it could be something bad. what do you think?

    • ANSWER:
      It could be a pimple that hasn't surfaced to the skin just yet. Or, it might be a sebaceous cyst. There are a multitude of things it could be, and the only way to find out is to talk to a doctor.

      Good luck!

    Pea sized lump beside ear kinda near the jawline. I can movie it around under the skin?
    What is it!
    You cant see it from just looking at me
    I felt it the other day just rubbing my face
    It only hurts to touch it very little pain tho
    What could it be

    • ANSWER:
      Funny, I just had that. It was an infected salivary duct. You're going to need antibiotics.

      All the best.

    Moveable, sore bump under jawline?
    When I look down at the floor and turn my head to the right, I can feel this small lump right under my jaw bone.. You can't see it, but I can feel it. I can move it with my hand above my jawline but then it goes back down. And it is a little sore.. someone said it might be an enlarged lymph node or something but Im not sure. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, what should I do?

    • ANSWER:
      Most likely it is a swollen lymph node. You have quite a few in your neck and just below the jawline. The lymph nodes are part of your immune system, and will enlarge sometimes if you have a viral infection or have just recovered from one. It's also very common to have one enlarge and not necessarily feel sick at all. Swollen lymph nodes usually settle down and shrink back down over a few weeks time, whether you do anything or not. If it worries you, you can go see a doctor and have it checked out. However, unless you actually have symptoms that suggest an illness somewhere, or they can identify an infection, the most usual thing is to just watch and wait. A swollen node is not a problem, it's the sign of a working immune system doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing. And as a rule, the body is actually pretty good at taking care of business without much help.

    i have a hard lump under my?
    right jawline. i think its a salivary gland problem because it swells when i eat food. it is there even when i don't eat anything. i can feel it and its about the size of an egg and seems pretty hard too. if this is a blocked duct should this lump still be here even when im not eating? i suffer from tonsil stones..could this be s huge tonsil stone blocking something? ive had this for about 2 weeks now and its not getting better. now when i swallow i can feel just a tad bit of pain in that area. a long time ago i had a sore throat and i couldn't figure out why i just so happened to be tonsil stone "hunting" like i have to do on a regular basis to keep them at bay and i found soo many of those suckers more than i ever had at one time, they were the cause of my sore throat as soon as i got done fishing them all out my sore throat was gone, maybe not a sore throat but everytime i swallowed i felt pain...which felt like a sore throat. sooo could this be a blocked salivary duct or could it be a huge tonsil stone? but its not normally where my tonsil stones are...its under my jawline and the roundness of it also touched the side of my windpipe. help!!

    • ANSWER:
      i have one under both sides. the swell up when your sick with like the flu or something? idk, but ik they got huge when i was sick.

    Moving lump along my jawline?
    I have a small round lump which i can move under my skin along my jawline. It's not really painfull and i dont know how long i've had it. Im 16 so i doubt cancer before anyone says so. Anyone have an idea what it is?

    • ANSWER:
      It's a gland you can feel, there's loads of them around your jaw area and they can swell up for different reasons. They usually go away on their own. Ive seen my doctor for this before and he wasnt at all concerned about it and i wasnt given treatment for it. It's nothing to worry about but if in doubt go to your doctor.

    Keep getting swollen glands right under jawline?
    I keep getting sore swollen glands right along and under my jawline. They seem to trade off sides, like one day it will be on the right, the next, the left. I thought at first it may have been a tooth infection but with it switching sides and having NO tooth pain is it even possible? Plus I just got my teeth taken care of and some cavities filled in March, left with a 100% healthy cavity free mouth. So how could one have gotten abscessed so quick? Any ideas? This is annoying as it is quite uncomfortable. I am assuming its glands because they pop up as like one or two lumps right under my jaw one day then gone the next. Help?

    • ANSWER:

    I have a loop under my jaw near the ear, no hair is growing over the lump, why doesn't my beard grow over the?
    I have a lump size of a 20 pence just under my ear on the jawline, it hurts a bit if I press it. It's a bit pink and no beard is growing on it. What can it be?

    • ANSWER:
      Because where the loop was put in it developed scar tissue, which has no hair follicles.

    Lump in my neck, what is it?
    Last night i found a lump under my left jawline/under my ear. it hurts sometimes and hurts when i touch it. i've recently had a bad cold which has just about gone. does anyone know what it could be?
    thank you.
    i AM going to the doctors but i can't get in whilst next week so i wanted my mind to be put at rest.

    • ANSWER:
      Very likely to be just a swollen gland. When you get ill, your glands in your neck swell up to try and fight the virus/infection. When these swell, they can become tender and feel noticably lumpy.

      Don't worry about it unless it doesn't go down in a few days, then pop in to your GP to let him have a look

    Gland risen below Jawline?
    My friend has been smoking for over a year now, and has a lump under his jawline, on the right hand side.

    He's been pannicing and complaining to me, and he asked me to write this article to see what answers he gets.

    He's had this lump for about 4-5 weeks, and it seems to rise every time he smokes a cigarette. He's wondering whether it's some form of cancer, or just a swollen salivary gland?

    Thanks for all of your answers.

    • ANSWER:

    How soon would Lymphoma symptoms start?
    I have had a very hard lump under right jawline for a while that wont go away with antibiotics. Im gettin it tested yes but Im thinking its cat scratch fever..AGAIN.
    Its been there a few months, just wondering, if it was lymphoma, wouldnt I already be experiencing some other symptoms by now?

    • ANSWER:
      I wouldnt get advice from anyone online. I wouldnt want to know whats wrong from some 12 year old Doogie Howser wanna be in his Moms basement you know?

    lumps in jaw line and under chin?
    i have a large lump under my chin, not painful though
    i have another under my jawline not as big but it hurts when pressed
    aaand i have other on my jawline around where my back molars are.

    they are all under my skin and movable

    my lymph nodes are swollen. my doctor said so, i got some penicillin, thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      I suggest you see a could be cysts, or something more serious.

    Swollen Lymph Node Under Right Jawline; Ping Pong Ball-Sized. Cause For Concern?
    I woke up this morning with a pin in my neck I assumed was part of a sore throat. But an hour later, I felt the right side of my throat hurt when I moved my head around. I felt on my neck with my hand and I have discovered, by gripping my skin, a swollen lump just under the pointy part of the mandible where the jaw ends. It is adjacent to my jugular vein.

    I gripped the swollen part and felt it. It seems firm, and immobile. It causes slight discomfort at rest, and when I move my neck or touch it firmly, I feel moderate pain (2 on a 1 to 6 scale) in my neck and throat on the right side.

    Is this cause for concern? I don't have health insurance so I sincerely hope I don't need to visit the doctor.

    In the meantime, what are some steps I could take if this potentially is a lymph node? I assume plenty of water, and am drinking lots of it now.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi, from what you describe it sounds like a lymph node. You mention you had, or still have a sore throat, so this could be the reason why the lymph node is swollen. The function of the lymph node is to filter out all bacteria and viruses, and then eliminate them from the body, when the immune system is activated, they begin producing large numbers of lymphocytes which causes them to swell. Once your sore throat or virus has gone, then the lymph node will disappear, drink lots of fluids and eat a well balanced diet, a vitamin C daily would help also..

    My guinea pig has a lump under her chin/cheek. What could it be?
    She is only 9 weeks old and a rescue. It is not on her jawline (her teeth look fine) but more under, and to the side of it. I noticed it today as she was drinking out of the waterbottle, it is about the size of a small marble. I had a guinea pig who died recently at the age of 7. When she was younger she had a lump in the same spot, I bought her to the vet who told me she had no idea what it was. When it grew bigger I took her again, and she told me to leave it. She ended up having the lump for about two years, until one day I went to her hutch and it was gone -- clear skin where it once was with no sores or anything. My worry is that if I take her to the vet they will hurt her and try to drain it (she is only just starting to trust being handled). Is there any way of telling if it is a harmless lump? It is very movable, and somewhat soft (though I don't want to press to hard to find out!) and she doesn't react when I touch it. Any advice, the vet had no idea last time. ANd there aren't an exotic vets where I live. I'm very worried about her.

    • ANSWER:
      Jacob is scaring you for no reasons. Malignant cancers are extremely rare in guinea pigs. So rare in fact that when we recently had the only case we have had in 40+ years and many hundreds of animals, our vet wanted us to bring it in for her to postmortem since she had only seen one or 2 cases in 30+ years of practice.

      There are 3 common causes of lumps in and around the chin. Two can occur anywhere and one is usually restricted to the throat area under the chin. The chin restricted one is cervical lymphadenitis or "lumps" This is a lymph node under the chin which has become enlarged as a result of a Lancfield group C Streptococcus infection. Three things can happen with it listed here in order of likelihood. 1) it can be come self limiting and just stay there, 2) it can burst through at the skin and drain very smelly puss or, most rarely, 3) it can erode a blood vessel and go systemic causing sepsis (a blood infection, usually fatal). It is likely not lumps unless it is more or less under the chin, inside both sides of the jaw line.

      The other two problems cause a lump under the skin which is usually not painful. They are both harmless and you don't need to do anything about them unless they grow and give your pig discomfort or get in her way. The first is a benign fatty tumor called a lipoma. The second is s sebaceous cyst which is an inflamed oil grand which gets walled off. These will sometimes (not too often) burst after a while and you need to clean the wound to allow it to heal from the bottom up.

      My advice, keep an eye on it but don't fret unless it looks like it is causing her pain. You don't actually need an exotics vet but you do need one with some guinea pig training and who is guinea pig savvy. Many vets who do not specialize in exotics have had lab animal or "pocket pet" training in vet school and can also help.

    I need help on how to bring down the swelling on a large lump on my face?
    This is the third time this year i have had random swelling on my face. First one just under my eyebrow and partial on my eyelid. The second was between my eyebrows. Now i another lump under my ear behind my jawline. But this one is alot bigger and is continuing to swell. so first of all what is it? Next what could i do to get the swelling down

    • ANSWER:
      your question actually concerns a massage therapist and have studied pathology. it sounds like it maybe something that you should be a little more concerned with. The one behing your ear is definitely a lymph node. here, check this out, it may be worth reading:

      Gland swelling commonly refers to enlargement of the lymph glands, also known as lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are small rounded or bean-shaped masses of lymphatic tissue surrounded by a capsule of connective tissue. Lymph glands (nodes) are located in many places in the lymphatic system throughout the body. Lymph nodes filter the lymphatic fluid and store special cells that can trap cancer cells or bacteria that are traveling through the body in the lymph fluid. The lymph nodes are critical for the body's immune response and are principal sites where many immune reactions are initiated.

      Groups of lymph nodes are found in the neck, around the collarbone, in the armpit (axilla), and in the groin. Lymph nodes in the groin region are referred to as inguinal lymph nodes. During a physical examination your doctor may feel (palpate) these areas to look for swollen or enlarged lymph glands.

      Swelling of the lymph glands is typically a result of local or widespread inflammation, but sometimes enlarged lymph nodes are due to cancer. Swollen lymph glands are referred to as lymphadenopathy. Inflammation of a lymph node is referred to as lymphadenitis.

      Other glands that are sometimes perceptible when swollen are the tonsils, parotid glands, salivary glands, tear (lacrimal) glands, and the thyroid gland.

      good luck!!

    Painful lump on jawline?
    For the past week I've experienced painful 10-20 minute episdoes where the right side of my jaw and lower right teeth (near the back) will hurt. There's also a small, marble sized lump near the jawline too and it's under the skin, underneath the lower back teeth so it's on the the pain keeps me up at night, it hasnt shown any signs of getting better but it responds to tylenol and other pain medication

    • ANSWER:
      i had a lump similar to this but it was underneath my right ear very close to jawline. I went to see an ENT and he told me I had an infected parodid gland (salavary gland) caused by dehydration. a simle cure is to eat something sour to make yourself salivate. such as sour patch kids.

    I am swelling at the back of my head at the base of my skull,a lump under my right jaw and pain has taken over?
    I have been having body aches and pain after an ACD & F spinal diskectomy of C5-C6, which started in my right arm muscle(they did my diskectomy on my left side due to me singing prof.and I wonder also if maybe that had anything to do with it) Now it has gotten SO MUCH WORSE, that is it feels like after 5 yr going on 6 from surgery, wondering since neck with lump under right jaw and like it is growing vertical, not with my just feels wrong and my brain feels like it actually hurts(around the temple area up to the forehead bone) and I even hurt on top of my head(when I touch it or rub it in anyway, it hurts worse or feels like it swells. I am really scared because I know there is something serious going on in my body.
    The back of my neck feels tense, always like my knees do. I have numbness that is only on the left side of my face and if or when I touch it, it really feels strange. The lump or knot at the top (at crown and it feels big sometimes like it is swelled with fluid or my brain)of what I just learned that I had a cracked skull(shouldn't' be a prob,as I was told that by doc because he had one also) So many symptoms, like an axe in my back also, in which could've been the nerve block I had in Dec.'06 when I was struck in something that made me jump on the table. Wondering if I can get to the bottom of what is causing my pain, the surgery I had in my neck*(in which told by another doc that I had a screw that had been placed into an opening and put right on top of a nerve) Sorry, if this is sloppy, I am having one of those crazy symptoms of blurry vision and that can be scary sometimes..all the time. Well, I just want answers because I want to love life again, instead of having to live in this bed and have to feef it everyday Please help with any info..I appreciate and thank you for any help to tell me what I need to do? Karen
    Ps. I hope that I didn't send a mixture of symptoms but my eyes are ok at the moment, but earlier, I couldn't see well at all. Mostly, I am afraid of the head pain, especially it being on the temple region and the swelling at the base of my skull st the back of my head. Ihank you again. Karen

    • ANSWER:
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    ij, i found a lump about half the size of a pea underneathe my jawline.?
    i found this lump underneathe my jawline on the left hand side of my adams apple about 2 months ago, and, not sure if its just my mind playing tricks on me, but the lump i think has got bigger over the 2 months, and is definately easier to find than before, it is under the skin and only causes pain if i put to much pressure onto it (like a feeling of squeezng you`re balls.

    please leave a comment and any advice would be helpfull. :)

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like you might have a blockage in your salivary duct.

      I had one, it hurt, and it got bigger. They had to take it out.

      I was lucky--they were able to go in through my mouth, under my tongue, and get the thing--some people have to be sliced open from the outside.

      Mine looked like a round piece of calcified who knows what--like a white pea made of tooth or bone-like material.

      Are you drooling a bit, do you get swelling behind the "pea?" Is the swelling relieved by salivation, eating or gum chewing?

      I'm not totally sure where you mean, though (under your jaw, or on your neck??)--it could be on your thyroid gland, and that's a horse of a different color entirely. That could be a thyroid problem, and that's something you need to take care of.

      In any event, all this is speculation on my part. It could be a tumor, or a wen, it could be a polyp, or some other odd growth.

      You need to get to a doctor, have him/her examine the thing, and then provide you with a referral to the appropriate doctor to get that little dickens removed.

      The anticipation is the worst part. Get to a doctor and get it taken care of--you'll be happier and less anxious once you do.

    Lump on right side of neck under jaw?
    My boyfriend is 28 and a pack a day smoker, and a pretty heavy social drinker in the past but rarely drinks anymore. He has hypothyroidism. He was off his meds for about a year and a half and just got back on them. Everytime he eats, he gets a half inch in diameter lump on the right side of his neck right under his jawline. It stays for about an hour or two after he eats, then goes back down. He is going back to his doctor in a few days but i was looking for maybe a hint of what it might be. thanks in advance.

    • ANSWER:

    Painful Lump Under Jaw Line?
    I have a lump on my neck just below the jawline, to the left of my chin but slightly further back. I have had it for about 5 days now and the lumps seems to be growing very slowly.
    At first it wasn't painful, but the past 2 or 3 days its seems to have gotten very very painful, it hurts when i swallow, hurts when i talk, when i eat and when i turn my head round.

    I do not have a cold or flu or any other symptoms, just the lump

    What could this be?

    Everytime i ring my doctor he has no appointments left, so I am going to the walk-in clinic tommorrow. If they can't do anything, would the hospital do anything?

    • ANSWER:
      Go to your doctor and find out exactly what it is, it could be a virus or something serious - few years ago I had one in same place but it was not sore, 3 month later doctor thought it could be a cyst but made appointment for ENT specialist, who done tests for throat cancer, cameras down my throat showed nothing, scans showed inflamed lymph node and fine needle biopsy showed no cancer, they wanted to operate and remove it but i refused and the done deeper scan which showed under active thyroid gland and after more blood test showed type 2 diabetes, so your lump could be any one of a million things, if it is the lymphatic system it could also be caused by a rotten tooth. See your doctor for exact answer rather than ask our inaccurate opinions?

    infection under my jawline on neck,what can it be?
    ITS LIKE A big lump with white stuff on it,it doesnt look like a normal spot and it hurts if i touch it./ it def is a bump and not a round spot...

    mum said it maybe an infection
    could be makeup or something [ i do sometimes tend to wash that ar4ea off after wearing blusher]

    what could it be.....

    its been 2 days since ive had it

    • ANSWER:
      maybe a cyst .. just use a little witchhazel to keep it clean.. a warm compress if you think it could come to a head at all.... and in the meantime schedule a dermatologist appt

    Painful lump under lower jaw?
    I started having pain in my lower jaw right a little below the ear area. Now I can feel a lump in there that I can move around and it hurts! (to try to better explain the location it is like near the very end of my jawline and underneath a little) Im going to the doc tomorrow but does anyone know what this might be??? Help!!
    No other symptoms, just pain- feels kinda like a bruise...I also found that I do have one on both sides (for a sec I though it might be a cyst) but only one is sore..

    • ANSWER:
      Sometimes when you have sinus infections and things like that, there is a little thing right there that helps filter out the infection. If you have an active infection, these little 'nodes' could swell. Allergies could cause this as well. Have you had allergy symptoms?

    Help PLEASE..Lump ON jawline geting bigger?
    I have noticed a lump on my jaw, on my jaw line going down under my chin towards my neck. I noticed it about 4 days ago and it has gotten bigger. at first it was only only the size of a pea on my jaw line but now it has gotten longer. it doesn't hurt but the skin is slightly red where the lump is. Any ideas on what it could be? I appreciate all your help. And thank you for your time

    • ANSWER:
      it sounds like you have a swollen lymph node. if you are exhibiting other symptoms, like fatigue and loss of appetite, possibly a fever and abdominal or back pain, you may have should go to the doctor to get a blood test and to rule out anything else...

    I have a small hard lump in my neck any ideas what it could be?
    it is on the left side just below the ear under the jawline. it hurts to the touch. it just appeared in the last day or so. i lost my voice earlier in the week but i don't know if this has anything to do with the lump.

    • ANSWER:
      I could be like a sore in your throat or it could be something serious like cancer or a tumor. I would go and see a doctor immediately.

    What is this lump on my neck?
    My neck has been hurting for a day or two now and since it just felt like a stiff kind of pain, I thought I had slept on it wrong. Well last night I discovered I have a tender lump the size of the tip of my thumb under my jawline. Or, half an inch behind/below my chin. Any ideas on what this could be?

    And yes, I will be going to the doctor soon to have it looked at, I'm just worried and would like to try and figure it out before I go for some peace of mind.

    • ANSWER:

    The entire right side of my face and neck is in pain - teeth included - whats wrong with me?
    my right nostril is also blocked and my right eye hurts too I do have a cold and had a slightly high temperature. It makes me feel listless, weak and tired alll the time. At the moment I could feel a lump under my right jawline, it hurts, and is hot at that spot.

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like maybe you have a severe sinus infection and swollen lymph nodes. Better go to the doc and get some meds! Feel better!!

    Lump on neck....What could it be?!
    Ok so...first off I know I know...go see a doc. I am on here simply to see if this sounds like what someone has had....

    I was in Vegas this past weekend and I drove home with a massive hangover. I know I was dehydrated because it was really hot there but I was so nauseaus to drink water. while I was drivng I noticed a lump on my jawline and kinda freaked out. I did drink ALOT and I was very sleep deprived. I have had 2 instances before of a lump on my armpit as well. when I have been looking online I hear a lot about Cancer and HIV and I am freaking out! My husband also has had a lump under his armpit once before while I have been with my hsuband.I have had unprotected sex before I got married with another man. I was tested for HIV exactly 4 months after to be safe and it was negative. My husband got tested just because in Jaunary of this year and it was negative. I dont have any other symptoms but it is weird that I keep getting these! Can anyone help?!?!?

    • ANSWER:
      could be a lymph node.
      The lymphatic system filters fluid from around cells. It is an important part of the immune system. When people refer to swollen glands in the neck, they are usually referring to swollen lymph nodes. Common areas where lymph nodes can be easily felt, especially if they are enlarged, are: the groin, armpits (axilla), above the clavicle (supraclavicular), in the neck (cervical), and the back of the head just above hairline (occipital).

      When you have a serious infection, white blood cells in nearby lymph nodes multiply in order to fight the infection. Many of these white blood cells produce antibodies, which are fairly large proteins that are capable of neutralizing the infectious agent (be it bacterium, fungus or virus.) Other white blood cells can directly engulf and destroy infectious agents.
      If the bacteria manage to infect the blood, the early signs of this will be headache, spiking fevers, shaking chills, severe fatigue, muscle aches and cold sweats. The medical term for this infection of the blood is "sepsis." If the infection progresses further, blood pressure drops precipitously, and "septic shock," coma and death may follow.
      Fortunately, far fewer people die of infection nowadays thanks to the availability of antibiotics. Oral antibiotics are the first line in a physician’s armamentarium to combat infection, but if these fail, intravenous antibiotics are the next line. Intramuscular antibiotic injections are an intermediate step which is sometimes taken if the physician is trying to avoid admitting his/her patient to the hospital (intravenous antibiotics are typically, although not always, administered in an inpatient setting.)
      you are probably not as bad as all this. but i would see your doctor.

    Very painful swelling under right jawline?
    Okay, I tested positive for the flu a little over a week ago, but I had gotten over it. Then about 4-5 days later, I started having this pain on the right side of my jaw. so I'm thinking this could be lymph node swelling, but I'm not sure. It's a lump directly underneath my right jawbone. It's not very big, but boy does it hurt! It's painful to the touch, and feels pretty hard. I also have pain in my right nostril, and I could feel a lump on the right side, but it's starting to go away.

    I also felt sick/feverish for a day or so after developing this lump. How long should I give it before I go to the doctor and what could it be? I've read up on some things, and I think it's possible I could have mono.

    • ANSWER:
      You should go to the doctor right NOW. It sounds like lymph node swelling/infection which is not something to mess with. It could be nothing but don't wait on it. Go to the docs now

    What could this lump on my neck be?
    I have a small lump on my neck just below my right ear, and right behind my jawline. It's firm but not rock hard, and it doesn't move around, it feels like it's under the skin on the muscle or some other tissue. It's slightly sore, especially when I put pressure on it. I am currently being treated for a bad urinary tract infection which involved blood in my urine. I read that these lumps can happen because of an infection, but would the lump be sore?

    • ANSWER:
      What you are feeling is probably a lymph node based on location and your description. These are monitoring stations int he body that keep track on when there is an infection or some other problem. Usually, the enlarged lymph node is in the area of the problem however, we all have lymph nodes that we can feel from time to time in other locations (front of neck, groin area, armpit for example) and it is not serious. The only time to get worried is if you hane an enlarged node and it persists and enlarges for no apparent cause, then am evaluation by your doctor is needed.

    Swollen lump in neck region....?
    I have had many CT scans and PET scans lately (within the past year) and all have came back fine. The reason was due to enlarged lymphnodes that I never knew were there. A week ago I woke up with a 1 inch lump on the left side of jawline under my ear. I tilt my head back and it pops out even further. Is this something to worry about? I have seen the doctor and waiting to hear from them regarding another CT scan for scheduling appointment. Can anyone help?

    • ANSWER:
      You has histry of enlarge lymph nodes,now you found a lump on your upper neck.This lump could be another enlarge lymph node(one of superior deep cervical chain) or parolid gland.Any enlarged lump could due to infection or over grow of cells(tumor).If infection usually has pain or tenderness.Did your doctor told you that what reason you have so many enlarged lymph node what the diagnosis was?Sure you need to go back to your doctor.Ct scan may not to get all the answer you may need biopsy.Good luck.

    what does it mean??? :s?
    i can feel a lump under my jawline bare in mind i only 14 and a girl lol using my mates account :)

    • ANSWER:
      It's an immune response, ever hear of swollen glands? You have lymph nodes in your neck, just under the jaw line and they can become tender, swollen/inflamed for a number of reasons (most commonly a cold virus, running a fever, etc.) The swelling will diminish once your immune system has taken care of whatever the problem might be. If it persists or your worried about it, tell your mother and see your family doctor.

    swollen gland?
    ive had a lump under my jawline for about 5 years. I had a complete blood count ( cbc), it came back normal. The lump doesnt hurt, it's not painful when i touch it, and it hasnt increased or decreased in size over the years. A few years ago, a dr. thought it was a cyst. What do u think it posiibly could be?

    • ANSWER:
      Sometimes a residue from the embryogenesis remains there called cyst of the thyreoglossic pore.

      Or it could be an obstructed pore of a salival gland. When this happens a small cyst seems to form.

      Of course these are mere presumptions and do not stand for legit medical advice (though I'm a doctor). Ask your physician.


    Second Opinion?
    For over 5 months I have had a lump under my jawline on the left side. I have already had glandular Fever so its not that.
    I have also been feeling tired, sick, getting headaches and pains in the stomach. I recently went to the doctors for more blood tests. He said there was nothing wrong with me.
    Does Lymphoma show up in blood tests and should I go and see a different doctor because I am pretty sure that something is wrong!

    • ANSWER:
      The definition of an enlarged lymph node is size larger than one centimeter (0.4 inch) in diameter. Pea-size lymph nodes are not enlarged, even if you didn't feel them there before. Any node that is larger than 1cm in diameter should be followed closely by a physician. It should shrink noticeably within 4-6 weeks, and should be less than one centimeter within 8-12 weeks. High-risk enlarged nodes are those larger than 3cm (more than an inch) in diameter.

      I have also heard if you palpate lymph nodes frequently, if they are enlarged, they don't shrink as fast. And that exercise helps your lymph nodes filter and remove any harmful substances and infection more efficiently, thus helping them go back to normal faster.

    I have a large pimple-like place on my jawline....?
    A few weeks ago, I had a bad breakout on my jawline. A little acne here and there isn't uncommon for my skin, but I've never had such a severe breakout. (I'm 21, so I was hoping all the BAD acne was over) The places were mostly around my chin, and didn't ever come to a head. I'm not usually one to mess with them, but after the third one came up, and they weren't going away, I tried to see if I could get anything out of them. I got a little clear fluid, but never anything else. Most of the places became sore and chapped...kind of like a fever blister. I've never had a fever blister, and my husband doesn't get them either. Not to mention they were all the way down my chin, not just near the mouth....anyway. I finally started using a face cleansing lotion by Burts Bees, and that really helped take care of that problem...

    Before the others were totally healed, I broke out again. It started as a few small pimples on my jaw...I left them alone and all but one healed. I also developed one on the other side of my face, in the hollow below my cheek....The one on my jaw became so severly infected that it was hot to touch, painful, and swollen off of my face. I went to a very rude/incompetent doctor who gave me antibiotics, but didn't tell me what it is or how it started...

    Both places have started to drain now...I put heat on them and then gently press to encourage the infection out. It had gotten so severe that my lymph node had swollen on the side of my face where the jwaline one was....

    Does anyone have an idea of what this could be? I work with children, so staff has crossed my mind, but I just don't know! I had also considered it might be dental, as it's been years since I've been...but there was never any pain, swelling, or redness in my gum or tooth...also it's on both sides, which makes me think it's not my tooth.

    P.S. I did visit the doc a few weeks ago for a lump under my chin...he said he thought it was a swollen salivary gland, and that it should clear up on it's own. It's still there...I suggest to the most recent doctor that maybe they were related...she didn't really give any answer on it though.

    • ANSWER:
      I would try checking out a different doctor. Your current doctor is obviously not very helpful to you - he/she may be great, but not for YOU.

      It could be related to stress, or allergies. Not sure. You really need a doctor to see it if you can.

    Very important questions! PLz readddd?
    I have a lump under my jawline on the right, I think it's a swollen lymph node. It's been there a few months.
    1: I use 2 drink ALOT, can drinking cause swelling there?
    2: My doc put me on an antibiotic Keflex, but its not working, the lump is still there, what could it be? I am only 20 years old and a female, use 2 smoke and drink alot.
    3: Can I mix Keflex and ammoxicilan? Okay, not MIX them, but can I take ammoxicilan one day and Keflex another day, to see if the other drug would help? Because I have the ammoxicilan from something else, a few months back.

    • ANSWER:
      KYLIE! Do not self-medicate! Especially with antibiotics. I recommend calling a pharmacist. Preferably the one who filled these prescriptions, but any pharmacist will know. They are so smart and helpful. If you want to phone a 24-hour pharmacist, just look up "Pharmacies" in the Yellow Pages. They have lots of ads.
      Otherwise, on Monday call your doctor's nurse and tell her your question. She'll talk to the doctor and get back to you at the end of the day.
      Please do NOT do #3 on your own. Best of luck to you! :) :)

    When do swollen lymph nodes get smaller?
    A little over a week ago i found a rubbery lump under my jawline on the left side it was quite sore and at the time i assumed it was a swollen lymph node because i had some very painful cuts on my gums on the same side. The cuts have been healed for about 3-4 days now and the pain has mostly gone away but still a little sore at times and the lump got smaller but now it feels like its getting bigger again it may be because i am always messing with it I'm not sure if that can make it bigger I'm kind of a hypochondriac and a little worried should it have gone away by now?... should i go see a doctor?

    • ANSWER:

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